Hercules Is Hitting the Big Screen Again

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Disney is continuing their streak with live-action films. Most recently, we were introduced to the live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ (2023) starring Halle Bailey. With other announcements of remakes of Disney classics, fans are too excited. Disney also announced the live-action of ‘Lilo & Stitch’ (2002) along with ‘Moana’ (2016) and ‘Snow White’ (1937).

The president of The Walt Disney Company, Sean Bailey, recently released a new film in the works. Fans cannot contain their excitement with this live-action. ‘Hercules’ (1997) is officially in the works! The news first broke with The New York Times about the development. Disney’s ‘Hercules’ is a crowd favorite, showing the fan excitement surrounding this news.

Animation Still of Hercules

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The classic animated film released in 1997 encompasses strength, perseverance, and the message never to give up. ‘Hercules’ is about a god who becomes mortal and has to prove worthy of being with the gods. On his adventure, he is joined by Pegasis and Philoctetes, better known as Phil, who is the trainer of the gods. Hercules faces challenges along the way, like Meg and Hades.

Ultimately, Hercules proves his worth and is welcomed back as a god, yet he chooses to stay on earth with Meg. This classic film combines Greek mythology, culture, comedy, and positive messages.

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The live-action ‘Hercules’ is still in the early stages, and fans have taken it upon themselves to suggest what actors should play which characters. There has been quite a stir on the muses and who should play their roles. “The Muses—the heart and soul of the film, arguably—are going to be key here.” described Yahoo. But who would play the best Meg? Hercules? Phil? Of course, the internet has your answers to all of that. Inside The Magic details Liz Gillies is a big suggestion for Meg, and Zane Phillips for Hercules. Additionally, chatter included Ariana Grande as Meg for the new Disney film.


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With all this hype, there is a bit of pressure on Disney to deliver for us fans. Who would you choose for these classic roles?

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