Here’s Why You Should Go to Disney World Alone

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Going on a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort as a family can be one of the most magical experiences ever—the best time ever, in fact. And doing Disney together lets everyone in the group share in all the same magical moments in perfect harmony. But have you ever considered the very real possibility of perhaps one day taking a solo Disney trip? Before you let thoughts of guilt consume you for even letting your mind venture into such uncharted territory, you do owe it to yourself to at least contemplate the pleasing possibilities such a pursuit may provide. From finally having the freedom to explore everything on your own (and without any obligations to anyone else) to, at last, being allowed to tackle those pipe dream desires while kicking back with a little “me time,” here are just a couple of very good reasons why you should seriously consider doing Disney World solo.

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No Dependency on Others

Dependency on others cannot be avoided whenever two or more people are traveling together. For families venturing to Disney World, it often becomes a matter of making sure that the kids get to do everything they want, and parents prioritizing those desires over any of their own. Even when traveling with a group of adult friends or as a couple it often becomes a matter of give and take and compromise. In truth, you are never at your freest to do exactly what you want unless you’re traveling solo.

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Go at Your Own Pace

Everybody has their own pace when doing Disney, and it’s not always compatible with that of other members in your traveling party. You have early birds, who like to make it to the theme park first thing in the morning in order to get first dibs on everything and enjoy shorter wait times. Then you have those who like to sleep in, citing how they are on vacation, after all. For some, there are undoubtedly times when they wish the rest of their party would pick up the pace a bit. Children are particularly excellent at slowing you down, easily getting distracted, and piddling along the way. Or maybe you’re the one who needs to slow down a bit. You feel like your group is rushing you and you need to take it slower for either health reasons or maybe you just long to explore a particular pursuit in a little more detail than the others would like. The point is, whenever two or more people of incompatible paces are doing Disney together, it can be sacrificial in regards to time for all who are involved. You just don’t run into that same issue when it’s just you in your party, though.

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Enhanced Character Interactions

It cannot be denied that Disney Character Meet and Greets are always loads of fun when pursuing them as a group, especially if you have kids in your party. But they can even be fun when you go it alone—more fun, in fact depending on the certain Characters you are interacting with. That’s because there are some Disney Characters who particularly gravitate toward the solo traveler. These are the Characters who have it in their nature to be particularly friendly and outgoing, like Stitch, for example. It’s also one of the wonderful things about Tigger that makes Tigger such a wonderful thing. And if you happen to run into Launchpad of Ducktales fame over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, then you can count on some awesome one-on-one time with him as well. And you can’t forget about Mickey Mouse, of course!

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Single Rider Options

For those doing Disney solo, or for those parties that just don’t mind being divided up in order to ride separately, there are some attractions that offer what is called a “single rider line” option. The name is pretty self-explanatory in what such options offer. And it’s also worth mentioning that these lines often move along at a much quicker pace than the regular waiting line. There are currently four attractions at Walt Disney World that offer permanent single rider options. These include Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (both at Disney’s Hollywood Studios), Test Track at EPCOT, and Expedition Everest over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

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Take a VIP Tour

Disney World offers so many awesome extras in the way of VIP-led tours. And perhaps you’ve always longed to pursue such options in theory before all the realities hit you, such as age restrictions, duration of such tours, and of course the costs involved. But if it’s just you, all those blockers become obsolete. Having no kids in your party means that there are no age restrictions for the kinds of pursuits you can book. And who cares how long it will take if you are on “me time” and this is what you really want to do? Extras will always still cost “extra” but if you’re paying for only yourself to join the tour group it will be far less costly.

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Cheaper Eating Costs

Because it’s just you in your dining party, mealtimes are guaranteed to be cheaper, especially if you primarily stick with light bites, quick-service options, snacks, and grab-and-go items. But even if you aren’t limiting yourself to such, you can already rest assured that any party of one will garner a much cheaper total bill upon conclusion of the meal. This may even inspire you to splurge a bit and truly enjoy the experience that comes with “me time” and a lack of restraints and expectations.

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You Get to Do All Those Back-Burner Desires

Perhaps you have a list of very specific things you’ve always wanted to do but have always had to place on the back burner in favor of appeasing everyone else in your group. Now is your time to do anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to do that nobody ever let you. Perhaps your desires are simple ones, like spending more time at the Walt Disney Presents attraction over in Hollywood Studios without someone nagging you to hurry up, or just strolling along Main Street, U.S.A. over at Magic Kingdom Park. Maybe you’ve decided to finally explore the nightlife scene now that you don’t have kids by your side. Or perhaps this is even the time to check out all those lounges and bars you’ve put off previously. How about giving sunrise yoga a try? Now’s the time to collect all those “someday” desires from the back burner and get going.

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Spend Time Relaxing

You already know Disney World to be a magical place to visit. And for many, the overall Disney experience goes hand-in-hand with staying on Disney property at one of their designated Resort accommodations. And why wouldn’t you? Every option is optimal with its own onsite amenities and extra recreational pursuits to boot. You really ought to rediscover what vacationing truly is all about—unwinding and relaxing. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of must-do plans. You are alone and free to do your own thing now. So, if that means taking it easy at your Disney Resort, and maybe even taking a spa day or enjoying an onsite recreation (or many), then by all means go and do so.

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Day Trips and Detours

There’s so much more to exploring the overall surrounding area independently of the different Disney Park designations. Solo travel should encompass all the elements of other nearby detours as well, including beloved day trip explorations. Perhaps you’d like to devote far more time to exploring nearby shopping and entertainment hubs. Disney Springs is perhaps the best-known option for doing so, but also be mindful of those other greater Orlando Area options as well.

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Just imagine all of the other personally appealing endeavors that you can look into doing on a solo visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Not only will you find just right level of satisfaction and catharsis you were so craving, but taking a trip by yourself may even garner a viable excuse to immediately look into planning a second trip—this time with family.

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