Plan a Trip to Tokyo Disney With a Disney Fanatic

Walt Disney World Resort diehard fans visit the Most Magical Place On Earth so often they have an established rhythm. One of the great things about Walt Disney World Resort is establishing those family vacation traditions and returning to your favorite ride, shows, and dining spots. But sometimes, you just want to change it up and try something new.

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Nothing breaks up the monotony of Disney fandom like visiting a different Disney Park. This summer, my family is planning a whirlwind trip to Tokyo, Japan, and of course, we are spending time at Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland during our trip. Plan a trip to Tokyo Disney with a Disney fanatic! Here is what I am doing to prepare for this international theme Park experience!

Buying Tickets in Advance

Tickets to these Disney Parks can be purchased around Tokyo at Disney Stores and even 7-Eleven Convenience Stores. I bought tickets online in advance to reduce stress and eliminate the chance that Park tickets sell out on my chosen days.


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Purchasing Tokyo Disney and Tokyo DisneySea tickets online was exceptionally tricky but possible. If you’re having difficulty with your ticket transaction, try alternate internet browsers and call your credit card company to ensure the charge is authorized. Speaking of credit cards, we found that a MasterCard was the only successful card on the Tokyo Disney website.

By buying a Tokyo Disneyland ticket ahead of time, I have accomplished one huge checkmark on my vacation list. I can rest assured I’ll have a set itinerary and know which vacation day I am visiting Tokyo Disneyland before leaving home.

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort (“Nightfall Glow”)

Guests looking to stay at a Resort like the Disney ambassador hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta, or Tokyo Disney celebration hotel should book well in advance, as all Disney Hotel options were booked during my upcoming Park visit.

Downloading the Tokyo Disney App

If Tokyo Disney is anything like Walt Disney World Resort, Guests won’t get far without the Park smartphone app. I download the Tokyo Disney app soon after purchasing tickets. I plan to use the app to familiarize myself with Park maps, and ride wait times in the coming weeks and understand how to prioritize specific rides and attractions during our limited time in these Parks.

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast (Credit: Disney)

Exploring rides like Splash Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Toy Story attractions are at the top of my list, so studying the app will help me learn the best time to visit these rides.

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Prioritizing Quick Service Dining Options

Of course, quick service dining options are a fun part of any Disney Park day, so Tokyo Disney Resort dining is no different. I am excited to try unique popcorn flavors, sushi, and themed Disney desserts you can’t get at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, or Disneyland Paris.

Tokyo Disney Popcorns

Credit: Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney is full of exciting, quick service snacks, but they are especially famous for their fun popcorn flavors and colorful, collectible popcorn buckets! I can’t wait to try popcorn flavors like matcha, soy sauce, peppercorn, and wasabi popcorn. The number one treat that I can’t wait to enjoy is the adorable Toy Story-inspired mochi.

Tokyo Disney Toy Story Mochi

Credit: Tokyo Disney

In the planning stage of this trip, I am scouring Instagram fan accounts, Tik-Toks, and YouTube to decide which of the most delicious quick service snacks I need to prioritize during the Park day.

Making Advance Dining Reservations for Dinner

Tokyo Disney Churro


As a major Disney Dining fan, there is no way I am missing a Tokyo Disney Resort table service meal. Some restaurant options will look familiar to Walt Disney World Resort repeat visitors. The Diamond Horseshoe in Westernland and Crystal Palace Restaurant are table service staples in Tokyo Disneyland.


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Planning Must-See Attractions

Visiting international Disney Parks are so fun, but it can feel high stakes. After all, how many times will you enjoy repeat visits to far-flung locations? This means having a Park plan and discussing must-do attractions with the travel crew before the trip is even more critical.

Tokyo Disneyland Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney

Because we’ve taken the time to explore the Tokyo Disney app and talk about rides and attractions that we can’t miss, my husband knows that the Beauty and the Beast ride is a non-negotiable must-see for me. He would rather enjoy more quick service dining options unique to the Tokyo Disney Parks. Making a Park plan will reduce confusion during the visit.

tokyo disneyland

Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

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Exploring Unique Characters Meet Opportunities

Did you know that Disney Parks around the world sometimes have different Disney characters you can meet? In fact, Duffy Bear, used to be a staple character meet at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT and is now found exclusively at Tokyo Disney.

Duffy and friends

Credit: Disney

Duffy’s friend Lina Bell is a cute pink kitten incredibly popular at Tokyo Disney exclusive to these Parks. The 90s nostalgia lover in me is excited to potentially see “lost characters “that no longer meet Guests during regular Park days at Walt Disney World Resort in central Florida.

Credit: Disney

Over the years, characters like King Louie’s monkey friends from The Jungle Book have disappeared from Disney World Parks. Some of these fun classic Disney movie characters can be found in all other Disney Parks around the globe. In addition to meeting new Disney character friends like Lina Bell, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see some of my old favorites on this fun trip.

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Doing a TikTok Deep Dive To Learn More


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Visiting international Disney Parks in the day and age of TikTok is fun and much more straightforward. Quick TikTok videos ranking delicious desserts in the Parks, fun attractions, excellent merchandise, or hidden details are helpful to review before vacation. I’m doing a TikTok deep dive to learn about Tokyo Disney and DisneySea.

Visiting the Flagship Disney After Landing in Tokyo

As is the case in many major cities worldwide, there is a Disney store in Tokyo. There are several Disney stores in Tokyo, but one is considered the flagship store and sports three floors packed full of unique apparel, souvenirs, and more.

Tokyo Disney Flagship Store

Credit: Tokyo Disney Store

They even sell Tokyo Disney Park tickets. Luckily, we’ve already secured our Park tickets. Still, I will be visiting the flagship Disney store after landing in Tokyo to browse the merchandise, get hyped up for my days in the Disney Parks, and maybe even pick up a new fun outfit to wear during the Tokyo Disney Park day.

From exploring Critter Country and screaming down Space Mountain to tasking new food and waving at droves of friendly Cast Members I’m so excited to explore these new-to-me Disney Parks.

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