Honoring Toshio Kagami at Tokyo Disney Resort

Toshio Kagami
Credit: D23

That magic of Disney would not be possible without so many people. Walt Disney’s idea to create Disneyland was only the start of the now-worldwide mogul. With the opening of Walt Disney World, other Parks soon followed. Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15, 1983. Before Tokyo Disneyland opened, many pivotal roles helped the Park come to fruition.

Toshio Kagami is at the top of that list.

As Disney Parks Blog described, Toshio Kagami is a Disney legend. He has served as Chairman and CEO of Oriental Land Company. He is transitioning the role of CEO to Yumiko Takano while continuing in his role as Chairman of OLC.

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Early Life at Disney

Kagami was born in 1936 in Tokyo. At just 22 years old, he joined the staff of Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Through his career, he climbed the ranks, eventually being appointed deputy director of the Real Estate Division of Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in 1972. Then in 1976, Toshio was appointed director of the Real Estate Division of OLC.

Toshio Kagami

Credit: D23

In the 1960s, there was chatter about bringing Disney to Tokyo. OLC had approached Disney to bring the Parks to Tokyo, eventually resulting in Tokyo Disneyland opening in 1983. The partnership required “Disney also provides their Park and Resort Management and Imagineering expertise to the OLC, including the design and construction of the Tokyo Disney Resort complex and a second theme Park, Tokyo DisneySea, which opened in 2001.” as told to D23.

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Honoring Toshio Kagami

Toshio Kagami had a helping hand in developing and continuing the creation of Tokyo Disney. “He led the expansion of Tokyo Disneyland; the opening of Toy Story Hotel; and the development of Fantasy Springs, the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea, along with Fantasy Springs Hotel that will open in spring 2024.” as written by Disney Parks Blog.

Toshio Kagami

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The legendary Toshio Kagami is why millions of Guests have experienced Tokyo Disney and have had unforgettable experiences. He has referred to Disney as the “kingdom of dreams and magic,” which can only be compared to the same vision Walt Disney had himself. In discussing the legend, Jim Cora, another Disney legend, said;

“One of the most important things we can do at Disney is carry on our traditions, and be true to our legacy,” said Disney Legend Jim Cora. “Toshio Kagami has continued to follow the dreams of such important and diverse leaders as Masatomo Takahashi and Frank Wells, bringing the full promise of Tokyo Disney Resort to outstanding reality.”

The hard work and dedication to OLC and the Disney brand are honorable and extraordinary. Not only do Imagineers appreciate Toshio Kagami for his practices, but Guests worldwide honor him too.

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