How You Can Use I-4 Express Lanes for FREE

If you have driven in Central Florida, there’s a good chance that you have seen the joy of I-4. It is the main East to West Interstate in Central Florida and connects all of the major theme parks in the area.

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If you have to take I-4, there will be a good chance you will get stuck in traffic. It gets very congested at all times but even more during rush hour. There has been construction going on for years to help with some congestion, but that construction sometimes makes more congestion while they’re working on it.

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There has been talk for quite some time about I-4 Express Lanes, and it is now finished and is becoming a reality. These lanes will be toll lanes; the time day will depend on what you pay.

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I-4 Express will open to all drivers on February 26. All Eastbound and Westbound Lanes on I-4 are anticipated to be open to traffic as early as 10 a.m.


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If you want to try out these express lanes, you will have five days until March 2 to use them free of charge. They want drivers to get comfortable with them and see how they work. This way, you can see if it will make a difference in your travel time and is worth the extra money.


It was said in a FDOT statement: “This offer will allow motorists a first-hand look to learn potential routes, identify key signage, and not worry about making mistakes navigating the new roadway.”


The entire travel length of I-4 Express will cost $3.50 Eastbound and $3.00 Westbound during the introductory period. This rate will adjust based on traffic volume and congestion.

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If you decide to use these express lanes, you must have a Florida accepted transponder to pay the toll on I-4 Express. There will not be an option for pay by plate or cash. Only two axle vehicles will also be allowed in I-4 Express Lanes.

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