In 2022 Disney Genie+ Could Generate 300 Million Dollars

Recently Walt Disney World unleashed the new program Disney Genie+It is similar to the old FastPass system, except that it is not included anymore with your price of admission. It is $15 per Guest per day, but it does not include every ride at Walt Disney World. There are some rides that you will need to purchase individual Lightning Lane reservations.

Many Guests are very upset with this new program, although Walt Disney World was the last Central Florida Theme Park to have a free line skipping program. It is not surprising that they switched over since other Theme Parks have done well with paid programs.


Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek talked about profit margins and how important Disney Genie+ is to the Parks: I’m not sure if everyone appropriates the gravity the Genie+ success. One third of the guests at Walt Disney World are buying the Genie+ upgrade. That’s per guest, per day $15. That’s a marginal increase in per cap and margin.

In 2019, there were 58.8 million Guests at Walt Disney World and 28.5 million at DisneylandObviously, in 2020, attendance was very low at Walt Disney World. It was estimated that there were 18.8 million visitors that year and only 5.6 million Guests at Disneyland.


In 2022 numbers will probably not reach what they did in 2019, but it is said that it may reach 41 million at Walt Disney World, and Disneyland could reach around 20 million. Although it is $15 for Genie+ at Disney World, it will be $20 at Disneyland but includes PhotoPass.


If those numbers add up, we can estimate revenue of 184 million dollars for Genie+ at Walt Disney World and 120 million dollars in revenue at Disneyland. That means there could be a total of 300 million dollars in revenue for Disney Genie+. These numbers are not even taking into account Individual Lightning Lane.

Although many don’t like this program financially, it was a good move for the Disney Parks. You need to decide for yourself if it is worth the extra money or not.


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