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Individual Lightning Lane Sees Price Change this Holiday Season


If you plan to be at Disneyland Resort for the holidays, you might see a little bit of a price increase if you want to use individual Lightning Lane.   If you would like to cut your wait time for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, it will be $20 per Guest. That has been the regular price and has not changed. ...

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How Disney Genie+ Will Be Different at Disneyland

Disneyland Mickey and Minnie Holidays

We’ve grown used to hearing about Disney Genie+ at Walt Disney World since it rolled out in October. The Disneyland version is going to be available on December 8, and not everything will be the same. Here are the major differences. Related: Disney Genie Is Coming to Disneyland on December 8! The first is the price point. At Walt Disney ...

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Disney Genie Is Coming to Disneyland on December 8!

Disney Genie debuted at Walt Disney World in October to mixed reviews. Some users say that the service has saved them a lot of time, while others claim that it has been a waste of money. Love it or hate it, the service will debut at Disneyland on December 8. Related: The Top Three Complaints About Disney Genie+, Part One ...

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A Disney Genie+ Feature That You Might Be Missing

Disney Genie has been live at Walt Disney World for several weeks now, and the new service has received a lot of complaints. Many Guests find the free part of Disney Genie confusing, and no one likes to have to pay for Lightning Lane when FastPass used to be free. There is one part of Disney Genie+ that many Guests ...

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The Top Three Complaints About Disney Genie+, Part Three


Disney Genie rolled out in October. It’s part of the My Disney Experience App. There is a free component that can help you to plan your day. There is also a paid service, Disney Genie+. With Disney Genie+, you will be able to make reservations for Lightning Lanes. You can hold one reservation at a time, and you will have ...

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The Top Three Complaints About Disney Genie+, Part Two


Disney Genie+ has replaced the free FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World. It costs $15 per person each day that you use it. It’s supposed to be similar to the old MaxPass system at Disneyland, but it hasn’t run nearly as smoothly. With Disney Genie+, you have access to the Lightning Lane. You need to book a Lightning Lane time ...

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The Top Three Complaints About Disney Genie+, Part One

living with the land epcot lighting lane

Since Disney Genie+ rolled out at Walt Disney World, the new system has been met with complaints. With Disney Genie+, you can pay an extra $15 a day to skip the Standby Line and enter the Lightning Lane instead. That is where the first complaint comes in. Paying an extra $15 is not a big deal if you visit a ...

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Additional Augmented Reality Lenses Are Now Available

When we talk about Disney Genie+ we usually focus on Lightning Lane access. The paid service also includes Augmented Reality Lenses, which allow you to take some magical pictures. Even more lenses are now included, as Emily Southard has shared with Disney Parks Blog: With the recent launch of Disney PhotoPass Lenses at Walt Disney World Resort, there’s a super fun new way to ...

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In 2022 Disney Genie+ Could Generate 300 Million Dollars


Recently Walt Disney World unleashed the new program Disney Genie+. It is similar to the old FastPass system, except that it is not included anymore with your price of admission. It is $15 per Guest per day, but it does not include every ride at Walt Disney World. There are some rides that you will need to purchase individual Lightning Lane reservations. Many Guests are ...

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How To Prioritize Your Genie+ Bookings

On October 19th, 2021 Walt Disney World implemented a new system called Disney Genie.  This extra has three different features with it:  Disney Genie (free planning tool), Genie+ (for $15/person/day Guests can skip waits in a variety of rides), and finally, Individual Lightning Lanes (pay as you go option for specific rides not included in Genie+).  We have been learning ...

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