Intoxicated Guests Damage Disney World Property

Disney EPCOT Monorail
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The most magical place on earth continues to have issues. Disney World is known for the one-of-a-kind experience with iconic characters, classic attractions, and unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, in more recent days, Guests at the Parks have created some unwanted experiences.

Disney World, like every Disney Park, has strict rules to abide by. With that being said, Guests do not always follow them, leading to issues that have involved Cast Members, other Guests, and even the police.

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Bartender serving wine

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EPCOT World Showcase

EPCOT World Showcase is a unique experience only offered at Orlando Park. Here Guests can walk through the World Showcase while being engulfed in various cultures. In each pavilion are dining options, shopping, and even attractions unique to that country.

With the world showcase comes lots of adult beverage options. While that’s only meant to enhance the fun a little bit, some Guests can take that to another level. Sadly, that’s what looks like happened recently in EPCOT after the property was damaged.

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Cast Members

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Guest Issue

According to Inside the Magic, this Guest issue is yet another display of problems happening inside the Disney Parks. Inside the Magic writes, “A trash can was knocked over near the International Gateway. This is truly a sight we have never seen before at the Walt Disney World Resort. But the damage didn’t stop there; an automatic door was also ripped from its track, either by accident or on purpose.” One Guest discovered this as they walked near the International gateway, leaving the Park.

Yet again, Disney Cast Members likely had to step in to save the day. When issues arise, they are typically first on the scene and will escalate this issue if needed. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this severity, having Guests damage the property of such a magical place.

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EPCOT Pavilions

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed in a Disney Park?

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