Judge Stalls Disney v DeSantis Case


The ongoing battle between The Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues. After the back and forth regarding the company’s comments on new laws, the dissolving of Reedy Creek Improvement District, there is now an endless string of lawsuits filed from both parties.

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New Filing

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The judge overseeing the case, District Judge Mark Walker has ruled against the DeSantis administration at least twice. This caused the DeSantis camp to request last week that the judge be disqualified from the new suit filed by The Walt Disney Company.


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Attorneys representing Governor DeSantis filed a request asking for Walker to recuse himself from the lawsuit brought by Disney.

The request claims that Judge Walker, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, may have already “prejudged” allegations made by Disney about retaliation because of remarks he made in past cases.

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“Because that question is now before this Court, and because that question involves highly publicized matters of great interest to Florida’s citizens, the Court should disqualify itself to prevent even the appearance of impropriety,” states the motion.

Today, the judge has stated the court “will take no action” in regards to a proposed briefing schedule until the court rules on the pending motion filed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A lot of the legal talk muddies the water, but basically, Judge Mark Walker is saying that they need to sort out the request from last week filed by DeSantis before anything else moves forward.

DeSantis 2024

In related news, it has been reported that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida will be announcing his official bid as a 2024 presidential candidate. According to NBC news, it will happen tomorrow, Wednesday May 24, 2023 during a conversation with Elon Musk.

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A new bill in the legislature allows him to run for president while still serving as governor. The bill has just been sent to DeSantis today May 23, 2023 to be signed.

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