Kids Can Work as Custodians at Disney Park

Children Tokyo Disney
Credit: Tokyo Disney

Have you ever wanted your kid to work as a Cast Member?

That dream may be a reality if you visit Tokyo Disneyland this summer. The Tokyo Disney Resort is offering a vacation package that lets child Guests become custodial Cast Members for the day. The offer is a two-day, one-night package with two line skip tickets per Park for select rides and attractions.

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Castle and Attraction at Tokyo Disneyland

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The Tokyo Disney Resort

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort is a captivating destination for locals and international visitors. It features two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Inspired by the original Disneyland Park in California, Tokyo Disneyland offers classic rides, beloved characters, and magical experiences. Tokyo DisneySea presents a unique maritime theme, immersing Guests in a world of adventure and fantasy. The Resort also includes a variety of hotels, entertainment venues, and dining options.

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tokyo disneyland

Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

The Program

The program is designed to teach children the importance of keeping the theme Park clean while educating them on the Disney Parks experience. It’s only available for children ages 4 to 12 and weekend visits to Tokyo Disneyland between July 7 and August 20, 2023. The children will change into child-sized custodian costumes and spend 60 minutes enjoying custodial duties such as sweeping (taught to them by current adult custodial Cast Members).

CHild Medal Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Tokyo Disney

At the end of the program, the child participants receive a special medal and get to take a commemorative photo with the Cast Members and family. The package includes a night at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, breakfast at the Sherwood Garden Restaurant, and viewing “Believe! Sea of Dreams” or “Big Band Beat: A Special Treat” at Tokyo DisneySea.

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Prices to participate in the program vary, and reservations can be made on the Tokyo Disneyland website. Tokyo Disneyland has offered similar programs in the past, including in 2015 and 2018.

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