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Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Foodie or not, food is a big part of the Disney experience. Whether it’s at a sit-down restaurant, quick service, or a drink to roam the parks, it adds to the ambiance of your trip. In Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, there are so many great options for food. In the Animal Kingdom theme Park, there are six lands, The Oasis, Discovery Island, DinoLand U.S.A., Africa, Asia, and Pandora: The World of Avatar. Each land has its own unique design filled with detail. Their dining options are no different than the culture of the land, bringing a unique experience to each and every meal, drink, and snack.

As all the Parks do, there are breakfast options for those who start their day off early. Starbucks is always a crowd favorite and can be found in each of the four parks in Disney World. Sometimes, hidden with a different name but the Starbucks logo can usually be spotted if you look hard enough. For lunch, snacks, and dinner, there are a plethora of options.

With so many options, comes so many possibilities of both good and bad. For those who are picky eaters, or maybe their little ones are, you can always find the basics like chicken nuggets and pizza. For the Guests who are more adventurous with their tastebuds, there are always new menu options always being rolled out. Something Animal Kingdom does well is, have options for all different dietary needs. Most of their menus offer vegetarian, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options.

Some snacks are an absolute must when you are visiting Animal Kingdom. And some, well are not so much. Here is Love or Pass, Animal Kingdom addition with six options in various parts of the Park.


Pongu Pongu Rum Blossom

“Wet your whistle at this popular drink stand run by an expat who fell in love with Pandora – The World of Avatar… and never left.”

This tasty alcoholic beverage is sold only at Pongu Pongu in Pandora: The World of Avatar. Also known as the Night Blossom, as a non-alcoholic beverage. This colorful drink is just as delicious as it is enticing with the bright pink and green mixture. With options such as non-alcoholic or the Rum Blossom option featuring rum, it’s a refreshing drink while waiting online for Na’vi River Journey or Avatar Flight.

Satu'li Canteen

Credit: Walt Disney World

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Yak and Yeti Pork Egg Rolls

Yak and Yeti quick service and restaurant, features Asian cuisine, which might just be one of my favorite options in all of the Park. Located near Expedition Everest, their pork egg rolls which you can find at Quick Service come in a pair of two. They are the perfect combination of crunchy, salty, and straight-up delicious. A tip is to ask for a side of sweet and sour sauce to dip your egg rolls in! Another great option is to walk, and snack on your way to the next land. Comparatively, the fried wontons are another hit from Yak and Yeti found in “The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom”. 

Eight Spoon Cafe Pulled Pork – Jelly Doughnut Sandwich

While this one may be a big snack, and maybe not the easiest to chow and move with, it is a snack must. If you are looking for something to hold you over until your dinner reservation, this is your jive. This sweet and salty snack has just the right proportion of doughnuts to pork. Grab some napkins and you will not regret it! Tip: This may be a better snack after any rides with a lot of bumps, speed, or movement like Kilimanjaro Safari or Kali River Rapids since you will be a bit full!

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Pongu Pongu Hawkes’ Grog Ale

This exclusive brew is only on tap in Animal Kingdom. The green beer is a fruity hop with notes of apricot and peach. While it’s a try at least once for the experience of having a colored beer, it doesn’t taste all that special.

Pongu Pongu

Credit: Walt Disney World

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Satu’li Canteen Cheeseburger Steamed Pods

This pass may be a bit controversial. Some love this bao bun stuffed cheeseburger, and some don’t quite find it as delightful. Also found in Pandora, like Pongu Pongu, these bao buns come in a pair with potato chips. Although an easy snack to have just about anywhere, a regular cheeseburger slider is preferred.

Pizzafari Pizza

When I think of Pizza at Disney World, I think of Italy in EPCOT. If there is one thing EPCOT does phenomenally, it brings culture and cuisine to each country around the world. In Animal Kingdom, pizza is not represented as well. Pizzafari offers various personal-size pizzas with different toppings, which is often a good stop for children or picky eaters. Otherwise, the unique and decadent options in other lands of Animal Kingdom offer a better foodie experience.

Pizzafari Pizza

Credit: Walt Disney World

Do you agree with the love vs. pass? What are some of your favorite snacks in Animal Kingdom?

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