Romantic Places at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie at Adventures Outpost in Animal Kingdom
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A Walt Disney World Resort trip can be a fantastic vacation with a spouse or romantic partner. Although some may associate being hot and sweaty with a marathon day….at a Disney Park…others may want to experience a bit more romance when visiting Orlando. Walt Disney World is a magical place, but it can also be romantic, despite the humidity, crowds, and chaos. So let’s explore some of the best romantic activities and locations you and your significant other can enjoy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Tree of Life

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Hold Each Other While You Escape Everest

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you are probably familiar with Expedition Everest. If you’re not, it’s the Park’s iconic rollercoaster that goes forward, backward, and speeding through absolute darkness. It’s an excellent opportunity to cling to each other through the excitement of large drops, a vengeful Yeti, and a high-speed journey through the mountain’s pitch-black interior.

Expedition Everest

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Enjoy a Romantic Meal

There are many places to enjoy a quick bite in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but few would be considered “romantic.” However, alternatives such as Tiffins between Discovery Island and Pandora – The World of Avatar exist. It’s considered by many to have some of the best food of any theme Park restaurant, with selections such as Surf and Turn, Short Rib, and Spiced Chickpea Falafel. Tiffins’ relaxed atmosphere and lavish artwork create a wonderful ambiance that almost makes you forget you’re dining inside a theme Park. It’s a fantastic spot to unwind, stare into each other’s eyes, and enjoy a glass of wine.


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Stroll Through Nature

There are many animal sights and sounds to enjoy throughout the Animal Kingdom theme Park. However, the Maharajah Jungle Trek and the Oasis near the Park’s entry rank high among the fun places to explore. As you and your beloved explore the mythical forest of Asia, you can walk hand in hand, admiring the beautiful wildlife and foliage, including tigers, monkeys, and water buffalo.

The Oasis section at the front of the Park is also usually an overlooked treasure. Many skip past this section as they rush to ride an Avatar attraction or Kilimanjaro Safari. But it’s a tropical paradise that provides a serene escape to stare into each other’s eyes.


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Explore Avatar

Pandora – World of Avatar receives much attention due to its immersive environment and the E-ticket attraction Flight of Passage. But at nighttime, it provides a mesmerizing experience as lights and bioluminescent effects dance throughout the land. It offers a lovely evening atmosphere to enjoy with a loved one, whether you’re a fan of the film series or not.


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Capture Your Love in Photos

Arguably one of the most beautiful theme parks in Walt Disney World, if not America, Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides dozens of beautiful and picturesque spots for romantic photos. With icons like the Tree of Life and Expedition Everest and natural beauties such as waterfalls and flowers, there’s no shortage of exciting locations to capture your love.

Couple in Animal Kingdom

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If you’re an adventurous couple, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great Park to propose, celebrate an anniversary, or even reignite your romance!

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