Everything You Wanted to Know About Single Rider Lines (but Were Too Afraid to Ask)

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Looking for a fast and easy way to make the most of your day at Walt Disney World? A quick and easy option are the handful of single-rider lines. Few people are familiar with the single-rider lines, but knowing where and which attractions have them can make planning your trip easier.

Single Rider Test track

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For starters, riding single is free. Unlike having to use Disney Genie+ or purchase a Lightning Lane, the single-rider option costs no money and doesn’t require an app or smartphone.

Which Attractions Offer Single Rider?

There are a total of 4 attractions at Disney World that currently have Single Rider Lines:

  • Test Track – EPCOT
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Expedition Everest – Disney’s Animal Kingdom (just check out our video below!)

Many people overlook the single rider line for Expedition Everest due to the entrance not being next to the main entrance! We basically walked on this day when there was a 60 min posted wait! ✅ Follow Disney Tips for more parks time advice! ✅ #disneytips #disneyadvice #disneyworld #disneytrip #disneytripadvice

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Who Can Use Single Rider?

Anybody! Single-rider lines exist because certain attractions often have empty seats due to their unique vehicle layout or ride system. For example, the vehicle at Test Track holds six Guests. Yet, Cast Members will look to fill any of those vacant seats when a part of five (or even a four) arrives. Cast Members will never split up a party that wants to ride together. But they will try to fill every available seat. So they utilize that separate line filled with people who don’t mind riding as a “single” person (and not with their party or group).

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As long as the single rider is seven years old, they can go in the single rider queue.

Expedition Everest

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Important Information

It is worth noting, however, that if you go into the single rider line with a friend or family member, there is a 99% chance you will be split up and not ride together. Sometimes you might luck out and be on separate rows, but other times you may find yourself on different trains and apart for a couple of ride cycles. So if that is important to you, perhaps using Genie+ or a Lightning Lane for those specific attractions would be better. But, if you are okay with splitting up from your spouse, child, or travel partner for 10 minutes while you experience an attraction separately, it can save you some valuable time and Disney Genie+ reservations.


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Although they can provide a significantly reduced wait time, Single Rider Lines often bypass the more exciting sections of the queue. Some people may prefer to experience the full pre-show and ride queue, especially if it’s their first time at an attraction.

Also, it’s best to be on your toes as you get near the loading station. Often Cast Members are loading vehicles quickly, and there is little time between when they call for a single rider and when the ride starts to board.

Final Note

Single-rider lines are among the top “secrets” for getting shorter waits at Walt Disney World (sometimes as much as 70% quicker). But it’s always to remember that you are sacrificing being split up from your party, which may not be for everybody–especially those traveling with young children. Sometimes, the ride swap option may be available, and there is always Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, too. Whether you utilize this Disney World “hack” or not, there are many more attractions and shows to enjoy. Besides, the focus of your vacation shouldn’t be wait times.

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