Woman Evicted After 20 Year Disney Vacation

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What’s the longest anyone has ever enjoyed a Disney World vacation? The record may be 20 consecutive years.

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A Costly Trip

Although many Guests enjoy a Walt Disney World visit from time to time, every so often, there are hardcore fans (we know a few…) who would love nothing more than to live indefinitely inside the magical Resort. Most of them, however, get no further than moving to Anaheim or Orlando so they can be nearby residents and stop at the parks on a whim, if not on the weekend.

Vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort is a costly undertaking. Even staying at the lowest-tier resorts can be over $200 a night, which, even at that price, would equal about $6,000 a month. And that’s before counting theme Park passes, food, or other expenses.


Credit: Disney

The most affordable option would be staying at a campsite at Fort Wilderness. You can rent a tent campsite for $76-$105 or an RV site for around $150-$250.

Reddit Rumors

Technically, the longest you can book a room or campsite for is 30 continuous days. However, one woman has continued to extend her camping “vacation” and lived at Walt Disney World Resort full-time. A Reddit user shared the story of this woman.

The fan reported, “A woman has lived there constantly for 20 years. She had to get the reservations herself online for each stay and she pays the standard rate – no discounts for long stays. she’s actually a vacation planner so she used that to continuously book her stays for years (decades) thru busy times.”

According to the commenter, she even attempted to sue the Walt Disney Company when they wanted to remove her during the pandemic. Another commenter followed up this wild story with an update that the woman has been evicted from Fort Wilderness Resort and is no longer a travel agent.

What’s the Longest anyone here has ever stayed at Disney?
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It should be noted that due to this story coming from a subreddit, it remains to be confirmed by the actual person or the Disney company.

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However, it is easy to imagine how a Guest could find a way to stay the entire time, especially if they are working remotely.

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