Staying in Disney’s Fort Wilderness? Here’s the COMPLETE Movie List to Help You Countdown to Your Visit

Located on the shores of Bay Lake, and just a water taxi ride away from Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground provides the feeling of being right in the heart of the wilderness. Whether you choose to stay in a cosy Fort Wilderness cabin, park up in your very own RV or pitch a tent at the Fort Wilderness Campground, you will be surrounded by trees, and feel at one with nature, while being right in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort. 

This Disney Resort hotel allows Guests to be immersed in a natural setting and is perfect for families who prefer a glamping or camping experience rather than a typical hotel stay. Fort Wilderness is a Moderate Disney Resort, that offers plenty of recreational activities, and more so than any other Moderate Resort hotel, including Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Disney’s Fort Wilderness is also the place to see the Walt Disney World Resort’s equestrian residents. Make sure to stop by Tri Circle D Ranch and see the many horses that call the Disney Resort home.

The Fort Wilderness Cabins offer spacious accommodation that rivals that offered in a Disney Vacation Club Villa, in Resorts such as Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Beach Club and Yacht Club Resorts. Disney’s All Start Music Resort and Art of Animation Resort are other Disney hotels that offer spacious accommodations in the form of Family Suites.


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Fort Wilderness is a short boat ride away from Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Other Disney Resort hotels can be accessed by traveling to Magic Kingdom Park. From the Disney Park, Guests can travel to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort via the Disney Monorail.

The setting of Fort Wilderness makes for a perfect getaway any time of year, but especially during the Fall and Winter months. Staying in the Fort wilderness cabins provides the perfect opportunity to cozy up, and put a movie on whilst eating your favorite Disney snacks, that you’ve picked up at the Meadow Trading Post. A movie is also a great way of kicking back after a day in a Disney theme park. Enjoy a barbecue out on the porch, before relaxing in front of the TV. If you’d rather eat out then why not chill out during the afternoon, before visiting Pioneer Hall for dinner, whilst enjoying the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue.


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Are you counting down to a stay in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground? Or are you looking for a Disney movie list to watch in your cabin during you stay? Then we’ve got you covered!

Pocahontas (1995)

Learn about the romance between Pocahontas, a young Native American woman, and Captain John Smith, a white man who has journeyed to the New World to begin a new life. While their friendship develops and Pocahontas teaches John about the living spirit in all things, the rest of his tribe create a colony, and seek to take the gold from the area, destroying the land in doing so. Can Pocahontas’ love for John save the day, and can she really teach him to paint with all the colors of the wind?

After watching Pocahontas, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired to hire a kayak or canoe at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, and take a paddle just around the river bend!


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The Parent Trap (1998)

When Hallie, from California, and Annie, from London, meet at summer camp, they don’t quite see eye-to-eye. But when forced into isolation, they discover that they’re in fact twins. Upon the return home from camp, the twins decide to switch places, in the hope of reuniting their separated mother and father. Will their plan really work, and they reunite as a happy family? Or are they destined to live a bi-continental life forever?


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Bambi (1942)

Follow the story of a young deer named Bambi, The Great Prince of the Forest, as he matures into an adult. Whilst he makes friends along the way, Bambi explores his forest home, to find both beauty and danger. Discovery of hunters in the open meadows brings tragedy to his otherwise beautiful and joyous forest world. 


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The Fox & The Hound (1981)

Meet Tod and Copper, a wild fox and a strong hunting dog, who strike up a friendship after Tod’s mother is killed. Whilst initially inseparable, the pair grow apart due to their masters, and by the fact the they are enemies in nature. As they grow older, they must overcome their difference in order to salvage their friendship. Will they succeed in doing so?


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Into The Woods (2014)

Embark on a journey with a baker, and his wife, as they venture into the forest to find ingredients to reverse a spell that was cast upon them by a once-beautiful witch, leaving them childless. In search of the required ingredients to restore the witch’s beauty, they meet storybook favorites, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack, who are each on a quest to fulfill their own wish. 


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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

This Disney classic was the first feature-length animated movie to be produced. It tells the story of a young girl who runs from her stepmother, the Wicked Queen. After the Wicked Queen orders for Snow White to be killed, due to jealousy of her beauty, Snow White stumbles upon a cottage in the woods. Its residents, the Seven Dwarfs make her at home, and she settles into life, cleaning the cottage, cooking for the Dwarfs and looking after them while they mine for diamonds. Unfortunately, the Wicked Queen finds her and brings a poisoned apple, disguised as an old hag. Will true love’s kiss save Snow White from a death-like sleep?


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Robin Hood (1973)

Enjoy a retelling of the legendary story of Robin Hood and his trusty sidekick, Little John. Watch as animals take on the roles of the well-loved characters from the story, narrated by a rooster named Alan-a-Dale. Evil Prince John deputies the Sheriff of Nottingham, and orders the collection of unreasonable takes from the animals of Sherwood Forest. Can Robin, Little John and the other merry men win a lighthearted battle against their evil foes?


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Camp Rock (2008)

This Disney Channel Original Movie tells the story of an aspiring young musician who hopes to one day become a professional singer. Mitchie is desperate to spend her summer at a rock camp, but the only way she can get in is to work in the kitchen. A teen pop star overhears her singing, and sets out to find the girl who the voice belongs to. Get ready to sing along to catchy songs and watch Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers star in this fun film!


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The Country Bears (2002)

If you love the classic Magic Kingdom attraction, the Country Bear Jamboree, then you definitely need to watch this film. It follows the story of Beary Barrington, who attempts to reunite the Country Bears and perform a benefit concert to save the legendary venue where the band got its start. 


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Brother Bear (2003)

Embark on a journey with Kenai, who seeks to find a magical mountain with Koda. While Kona is a real bear cub, Kenai is a bear cub that was once a human who was magically transformed after killing a bear. Enjoy the pretty visuals that this film brings, while being set in Alaska.


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You don’t just have to be staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground to watch these movies. This is the ideal list to make your way through, if you are looking for movies to watch whilst getting cosy this Fall. Whether you’re at home on a rainy day, or are taking a trip to the mountains, these will make for the perfect movie afternoon or evening, that fit with the theme of the outdoors. You could also give it a watch when counting down to your next Disney vacation where you’ll be staying in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

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