The Disney Snacks We Always Skip

The Walt Disney World Resort is a foodie’s paradise with everything from classic snacks like churros and Mickey Premium Bars all the way up to dinner shows and signature restaurants.

We love snacking our way around Disney Parks and Resorts. But, with so many tastings over the years, we’ve come to learn that not all Disney snacks are created equal.


Credit: Disney Tips

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Whether you are on a budget or just looking for snacks you can skip to save room for others, we’ve got a full list of all the snacks you can cross off your list for your next Disney trip.

We’re starting with some of the more basic snack options that we simply cannot justify the price (or the stomach space!) for during a Walt Disney World vacation. This lineup includes bottled sodas, bags of chips, generic ice creams (no, not Mickey ice cream sandwiches or Premium Bars), and candy bars, along with most of the snacks available at Disney’s Starbucks locations.

These are the first snacks we would skip simply because they are available at home, and we would rather enjoy snacks specific to Walt Disney World while we are on vacation. Not only are these foods available back home, but they are also more expensive in the Parks. Of course, the Starbucks items that are specific to Disney Parks (often in the form of cupcakes) or coffee or tea if you need the caffeine boost would be excluded from this list.

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Next up, prepackaged cheese. As in the cheese dip, you can often order with a Mickey pretzel. The prepackaged cheese dip is okay in a pinch, but if you are looking for the most delicious…the most “plastic” cheese, you’ll only find it at select locations, like Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom, where it is the ultimate dipping sauce for corn dog nuggets.

This next one is a classic, but someone had to say it…turkey legs. Turkey legs are iconic for sure, but we have never had luck enjoying more than a few bites of one. The ham-like glaze gets sort of sickening after a while, and since the turkey legs are massive they are far more than just a snack and could spoil our Disney dinner reservations.

For an alternative to a turkey leg (even if you are just looking for something smaller) head to Westward Ho in Frontierland while you are at the Magic Kingdom. This cart serves a candied bacon skewer that offers a similar flavor profile to the turkey leg but is much less filling.


Credit: Disney Tips

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And our last snack comes with a caveat. If you are looking for french fries (as a snack, not as a side dish to a meal) while exploring Disney Parks, don’t settle for plain, old fries! There are a number of more interesting options for fries all around the theme parks. In the Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner serves chili cheese fries, while in Animal Kingdom you could opt for pulled pork cheese fries at Flame Tree Barbecue. And, EPCOT has multiple options for poutine, whether you are dining inside Le Cellier or stopping by the refreshment port.

If you are looking for a specific snack, remember that you can always run a search right in the My Disney Experience app. Mobile ordering is also available in the app so you can spend less time waiting in line for your snacks and more time enjoying the Parks!

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