Tips for Taking a Toddler to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Few things are more magical than taking your little one to Walt Disney World. Although the Magic Kingdom tops the list of things for toddlers (and babies) to do, the other parks provide various options, as well. But let’s explore a few quick tips on taking your toddler to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, including the best attractions for them to enjoy.


Credit: Disney

Getting Around

As with all the Disney theme parks, Animal Kingdom is fully accessible. You can opt to rent a stroller or enter with your own. Whichever you choose, know that stroller parking is enforced, especially near crowded attractions and popular shows. However, some believe the pathways at Animal Kingdom are not as easy to maneuver as with other Disney Parks; but it’s definitely manageable if a little uphill or uneven at times. The park does also provide abundant shade, but it offers fewer inside areas to cool off than other Disney Parks.

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When planning your day, arranging activities into must-dos and tackling the Park in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern is usually best.

Animal Kingdom’s Baby Care Center

Animal Kingdom has a Baby Care Center like all Walt Disney World theme parks.

Baby Care Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

It’s located near Africa just past the Pizzafari restaurant. It’s a very spacious area with a nursing room, changing room, and feeding room. It also has baby items for sale (diapers up to size 4). It does not feature toddler toilets; however, near the Baby Care Center are companion restrooms (and First Aid, if needed).

Best Attractions for Toddlers

For animal-loving toddlers, Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be a fantastic day of animal watching. But if your little one isn’t into the dozens of animal exhibits the Park offers, there are still many rides and shows to enjoy.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Credit: Disney

Kilimanjaro Safaris is perhaps one of the most popular attractions at the Park and maybe one of the best for adventurous toddlers. It has no height requirements, making it an easy choice to bring your little one on, and it provides an excellent opportunity to see animals in a different setting than a standard zoo. At about 20 minutes long, its unique set-up and daily tours ensure that every ride will be different.

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Na’vi River Journey


Credit: Disney

This slow-moving boat ride in Pandora – the World of Avatar is another ride in Animal Kingdom with no height requirement. Although most toddlers won’t be familiar with the Avatar movies or characters, the bioluminescence of the scenery may keep them entertained.

Finding Nemo the Musical and Festival of The Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

Credit: Disney

Although these two musical shows have nothing in common, both provide must-see experiences sure to entertain babies and toddlers.

Finding Nemo uses a lot of puppetry and stage theater to retell the Pixar movie. At the same time, the Festival of The Lion King focuses more on acrobatics and audio-animatronics themed to the classic animated feature.


Credit: Disney Tips

TriceraTop Spin


Credit: Disney

TriceraTop Spin is an aerial carousel in Dinoland, USA, similar to Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom. The experience isn’t incredibly interesting or unique, but it has no height requirements and just enough thrill to excite young children.

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Final Comment

Hopefully, this information and suggestions are helpful if traveling to Animal Kingdom Park with a toddler. However, it’s always best to consider your toddler’s needs, energy level, and interests. What occupies or calms down one child may have no effect on another. As a general rule, keeping them happy will make for a better trip than stressfully trying to run around and staying busy from Park opening to closing.

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