Disney Merchandise Finally Makes the Change Fans Have Been Waiting For

We can’t be alone in our love for Disney Parks merchandise, but there is one piece of an iconic souvenir that we (and most fans) simply cannot stand.

Nope, it’s not the sometimes difficult-to-open packaging, mobile orders for souvenir popcorn buckets and sippers, or even the admittedly too-high price point of certain items….

Disney 50th Finale Merchandise

Credit: Disney

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The one thing we loathe about Disney merchandise comes down to the incredibly long and often difficult-to-cut tags on Minnie ear headbands. Tags on these iconic pieces of Disney Parks headwear have nearly always been an issue and something many Guests tend to ask Cast Members to cut for them immediately after they make their purchase, but over the last couple of years, we’ve seen these tags grow long enough to rival CVS receipts.

It seems Disney has finally found a solution to the tag woes as some of the latest Minnie ear designs have smaller tags that are easily removable. One Disney fan, recently took to TikTok to show off the new tag design:

Do not mind my atrocious apperance. This is what I look like after working 24 hours a day all week. Anyway, love the new tags! #disneylifechoseme #lynnenchantsvacations #minnieears #disneyvacation #disneyparks #disney100thcelebration #disney100yearsofwonder

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As of this writing, it does not look like the new tags have been implemented on the majority of the Minnie ear designs currently sold both in the theme parks and on shopDisney. The new tag for the recently launched Disney100 years, however, certainly give us hope that we’ll see the change on more items soon.

The bad news? Well, it seems the lengthy style of the tag is no longer limited to Minnie ear headbands. (I just purchased a Simba plush for my niece, for instance, and felt compelled to cut off the lengthy tag before giving it to her.) And we’ve seen no evidence that this change is being made on other products, at least so far, aside from the Minnie ears (but we can dream!)

two guests in matching ears and jacket

Credit: Disney

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We hope to be back with the news that the new tags are also being spotted on other items, but for now, we are thrilled to start leaving them behind with our upcoming ear headband purchases!

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