Disney Park Finally Bans Reselling of Merchandise

It is no secret that Disney souvenirs and merchandise can be quite the commodity, with some of the most popular and limited edition items selling out nearly instantly, both in the Parks and on shopDisney.

While some items are undoubtedly popular enough to sell out almost immediately, more often than not, these items are bought up by Guests who plan to resell the merchandise, typically at an unbelievable markup. The practice, and the fact that it is all too common, leaves other Guests looking to buy the merchandise in Disney Parks understandably frustrated when items sell out.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Credit: Disney

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Despite arguments from Disney fans that reselling goes against the terms of annual passes, the practice has continued at Disney Parks and Resorts around the world. While stopping resellers is much easier said than done, it looks like Disney could finally be making some progress, as one Resort has officially banned reselling.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s official website has added a listing under its Theme Park Terms and Conditions page, now referring to “Purchase of merchandise or souvenir goods for resale purposes” as a “Prohibited Act.”

Disney Merchandise Resellers

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Tokyo Disney Resort may be the first to clearly state that reselling merchandise is prohibited, but other efforts have been used in Parks and Resorts in the past to at least limit the practice. Some items for instance, have limits on the quantity of the products Guests are able to purchase, but this of course does not stop resellers from hopping back in line, shopping at a different store, or bringing friends and family with them to buy up more items.

As for Guests who are caught reselling merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort, the official website goes on to note that doing any of the prohibited acts listed can result in removal from the Park, voiding Park tickets, and being denied access to areas of the company, stating, “Regarding any violations of the provisions set out herein, the Company shall exercise a reasonable judgment based on reasonable grounds.”


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Successfully catching resellers in the act would certainly be a challenge, especially with the anonymity that such Guests would enjoy by selling the items online. The entire issue is made even more complicated when we consider exactly all the types of things that have been re-sold, from popcorn buckets to special event tickets.

Still, we appreciate the clear acknowledgment from Disney that reselling is against Park rules, at least in Tokyo, and we hope to share an update that this prohibition will be added to the domestic theme park websites in the future as well.

We will continue to monitor all news out of Disney Parks and Resorts, and will back with new information as it is available here on Disney Tips. In the meantime, we recommend checking shopDisney if you are having a hard time tracking down certain items as you can occasionally pick up pieces from the theme parks directly from Disney, without inflated costs from resellers.

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