Small Business Owners Beware: Disney Is Cracking Down On Unauthorized Merchandise!

When it comes to Disney souvenirs and merchandise, most Disney fans are quick to collect. The collections don’t stop at official Disney merchandise for many Disney fans.

If you’ve ever perused a small business’s website, Facebook Marketplace page, Etsy Shop, or more to see their Disney merchandise, then you can probably relate.

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Artists who make Disney merchandise often make really creative, unique, and beautiful products, and who doesn’t love the idea of showing off Disney pride while supporting a small business?

Although Disney fans may adore small business owners who make Disney merchandise, Mickey Mouse himself is not enthused. This is to say; the Walt Disney Company takes its trademarks and copyrighted material very seriously.

The Walt Disney Company has recently taken legal action and sued two Kissimmee-based business owners.

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According to a report by ClickOrlando.Com, Christopher and Hannah Martin are the founders and managers of multiple companies. Recently, two of their companies, The Secret Disney Group and Popsella Marketplace, have been accused of selling unauthorized Disney merchandise featuring copyrighted characters.

This isn’t the first time that the Walt Disney Company has gone after Christopher and Hannah Martin. According to ClickOrlando.Com, Disney has already gone through this with these business owners:

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In December 2021, Disney officials sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to Christopher Martin, though Martin’s businesses continued to sell the infringing merchandise under different names, including “Sparkling Dreamers” and “Sparkling Members,” the lawsuit claims.

Upon finding the Martins’ current online shops, we can see that their goods include Minnie Mouse ears, face masks, decals, fanny packs, and so much more. Disney is currently trying to stop these companies from using trademarks and copyrighted properties.

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Disney Tips will continue to keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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