More Awful News for Bob Iger and Disney

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It’s been a bad year for The Walt Disney Company and Disney CEO Bob Iger. And it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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Not every Disney fan follows the stock market or pays close attention to the Walt Disney Company’s stock price. But it’s essential for the future of the company…and may dictate what Bob Iger does and how long he stays.

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Disney Stock Drops to New Low

Another record has been set by The Walt Disney Company this week.

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Its stock hit a new 52-week low at $79.22.

A few weeks ago, Disney was at another low number of $79.95. In addition to many ongoing issues with the theme park industry and Hollywood, the Walt Disney Company seems to have its own problems.

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Why So Low?

There are many reasons why investors have a poor outlook on Disney stock. In addition to a lackluster performance of movies at the box office, the company is still in an ongoing battle with Florida Gov Ron DeSantis.

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The studio has produced a number of recent box office failures including Lightyear (2022) and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023).

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Although the feud between the Walt Disney Company and Governor DeSantis began under Bob Chapek, Bob Iger has done little to make amends. Even though he has made recent comments about Disney getting out of the culture wars, investors are still waiting to see what that means. It’s a sentiment Disney CEO Bob Iger also said last fall, but nothing seems to have cooled it down since then.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek During D23

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Whether you are in favor or not of the Governor or the Parental Rights in Education (nicknamed “Don’t Say Gay” by critics), Disney must work with the Florida legislature. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible for Walt Disney World Resort to operate. A company cannot do business in a state where they are constantly at war with the governor and its legislature.

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The only alternative would be boxing up all four theme parks, two water parks, and all the couple dozen hotels and moving to another state. And that task is nearly impossible.

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Furthermore, Walt Disney World has seen a drop in theme park attendance (although Bob Iger has refuted this…sometimes). And there has also been a drop in Disney Plus subscriptions.

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In addition, Bob Iger has made previous statements of selling off pieces of Disney that are “non-core.” This has sent  many Disney cast members and investors the message that things may not be going well inside the House of Mouse.

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Also, there’s the problem of multiple high-level executives leaving, which signals potential turmoil.

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And again…there’s the issue of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that have impacted the entire film industry. But also, Disney CEO Bob Iger has made himself a target of Hollywood talent, putting himself under the microscope among writers and actors.

WGA Strike

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For comparison, Disney stock was once north of $200 a share a couple of years ago. So, a price hovering around $79 is not a good place for the company to be.

There is massive pressure on Bob Iger to try something different before the Disney stock drops even lower. But what could that be?

We’ll have to wait and see. But he must do something bold and fast.

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