VIDEO: Move Over, EPCOT – This Disney Park’s Elsa Animatronic Is the Best in the Business!

It’s no secret that most kids have gotten the “Frozen Fever.” Something about Disney’s Frozen series is so irresistible to Disney fans, children, and adults alike. Is it the fun, adorable characters? The whimsical, magical setting? The catchy, award-winning music? A culmination of all three? Regardless of the reason, fans love it, and Disney is well-aware.

festival of fantasy parade

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That’s why in 2014, EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion attraction, the Malestrom, was closed to make way for Frozen Ever After. Crowds have been swarming the ride ever since. Shows, sequels, merchandise, and shorts have been following up the first Frozen (2013) film since its immediate success.

Frozen Ever After

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Now, an entire Frozen-themed land is coming to multiple Disney Parks. The Kingdom of Arendelle is coming to Disneyland Paris, Frozen Kingdom is coming to Tokyo DisneySea, and World of Frozen is coming to Hong Kong Disneyland. In each themed land, Guests will be able to experience specially themed food, entertainment, merchandise, and attractions.

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Recently, Hong Kong Disneyland hosted the HKDLFanFest, which showed many sneak peeks into the Disney Park’s up-and-coming projects (similar to a D23 Expo conference). At this conference, Guests got to see one of the Elsa audio animatronics featured in Hong Kong Disneyland’s version of “Frozen Ever After,” and it is stunning.

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This video shows how fluidly the audio animatronic moves in both the limbs and the face. The lip-syncing to the hit song “Let it Go” by the Broadway star and voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel, is sure to create magical memories for hundreds of Guests.

Immediately, Guests were delighted by the “full-on animatronic,” as opposed to the animatronics utilizing projections on screens in EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After.

If this is just a sneak peek at Hong Kong Disneyland’s version of Frozen Ever After, we definitely can’t wait to see the final product!

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