Disney’s Groundbreaking Patent Set to Revolutionize Theme Park Admission

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The Walt Disney Company is looking to crack down on counterfeit tickets with the help of a brand-new patent filed by the company.

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The Walt Disney Company is cracking down on fake tickets at its theme parks, filing a brand-new patent that aims to counter illegitimate theme park tickets. This new patent was filed back in June of 2023 and was published this month.

The patent, officially titled “Systems and Methods to Produce a Physical Article that Provides Admission Authorization to an Event Which Correlates to a Digital Asset from a Temporary Wallet,” describes a system of connected physical and digital tickets.

A brief description of this new patent is attached below:

Exemplary implementations may: establish one or more temporary wallets; effectuate a smart contract that causes the temporary wallets to hold digital assets, where individual digital assets are correlated with event information; generate one or more wallet machine-readable mediums that repre-sent the temporary wallets; generate one or more asset machine-readable mediums that represent the digital assets; cause an output device to output the wallet machine-read-able mediums and the wallet machine-readable mediums on physical articles that provide admission authorizations events or locations; upon user devices scanning the wallet machine-readable mediums, the users may be enabled to establish digital wallets or access digital wallets such that the digital asset is transferred from the temporary wallets to the digital wallets.

Disney characters, including Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck with Annual Passholders cards in their hands inside of Disney World.

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Fake theme park tickets are something that has plagued most, if not all, of the Disney theme park resorts around the world. With the high price of admission, the arrival of scammers and scalpers was inevitable. This system would help prevent counterfeit tickets with the help of new digital codes and dates built into the tickets themselves. The ticket is described as being primarily digital, but a physical copy will also be available to guests.

The Walt Disney Company did not provide a timeline as to when this new technology would be implemented, but it’s obvious that it is attempting to crack down on this problem very soon.

Disney’s collection of theme parks and resorts include both U.S. resorts, Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as several international resorts, such as Disneyland Paris, Toyko Disney, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s unknown how this new patent would affect the international resorts

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