New Magnet for Disney Annual Passholders Finally Revealed

Disney Annual Pass
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Walt Disney’s original animated character has returned to Disney and is now a part of Disney100! The Walt Disney Company is celebrating 100 years of storytelling. From humble beginnings, Walt Disney tried to make a name for himself in the animation industry. His creation of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit helped Walt and his studio early in his career.

“He was very popular with audiences and allowed Walt to create a unique character that was charming, lovable, a bit naughty, and truly appealed to audiences,” The Walt Disney Company wrote about Oswald. Unfortunately, Walt lost his rights to the character to Universal, which led him to create the character we all know and love, Mickey Mouse. While Mickey Mouse has become the face of Disney, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has since waltzed his way back into our hearts and back into The Walt Disney Company. In 2006, he officially became a part of the Disney family again and has since been a part of a short to commemorate Disney100.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse

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In lieu of the celebration, Oswald doesn’t stop there. Disney is now releasing a limited-time magnet featuring none other than Walt’s original animation. In honor of 100 years of animation, creation, classic stories, and iconic Disney films, Annual Passholders are in for a treat with this new magnet.

Beginning on September 20 through to October 23, Annual Passholders can pick up their Oswald the Lucky Rabbit magnet at Creations Shop in EPCOT.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Magnet

Disney duly noted the magnet is while supplies last, meaning they could run out if Passholders wait too long. The adorable silver magnet featuring the Lucky Rabbit is only available to annual passholders. “In order to pick up this Annual Passholder magnet, guests must either enter EPCOT with valid admission and a theme park reservation for the exact date or visit the Disney park after 2 p.m. without a theme park reservation,” Disney Dining details.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Some fans took to the comment section of X to share their opinions. One wrote, “Dang it, these always come and go when I am not at the parks,” while another commented, “Of course, I don’t come until two weeks later.” Since the magnet is for a limited time, it seems many Passholders are disappointed they may miss their window of opportunity to grab one. Additionally, another Passholder commented how they may just have to make an extra trip before their next planned one during Thanksgiving weekend.

Would you take a trip to get an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit magnet?

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