New Trailer for Disney Pixar’s ‘Elio’

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Credit: Disney/Pixar

With the new movie Elemental (2023) releasing soon, Pixar has just released the first trailer for their next upcoming film.

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Elio (2024), will be the 28th feature film made by Disney Pixar. The new movie set to release in March 1st of next year, will star the voice talents of Jameela Jamil, Brad Garrett, America Ferrera, and Yonas Kibreab.

Elio movie poster

Credit: Disney

Movie Summary

The film introduces the character Elio, an 11 year old underdog with an active imagination. One day, Elio finds himself being beamed across the galaxy and mistakenly identified as Earth’s ambassador to the rest of the universe. The movie is written and directed by Adrian Molina, the screenwriter and co-director of Coco (2017).

Disney and Pixar's Coco (2017)

Credit: Disney

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What the Trailer Shows

The trailer begins with Elio’s mother (voiced by America Ferrera) who appears to be working at a United States Airforce base. Suddenly, the control room lights up and messages appear saying “Bring us your leader.” Elio then tries to call his mother, but she’s unable to respond. Then just after Elio says “I love you” before being sucked through space and time. Elio finds himself in a chamber surrounded by other aliens who assume he is the leader of planet Earth. Although he protests that he isn’t, he quickly changes his mind once they threaten to wipe his memory.

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Elio then is accepted as a guest while the council considers whether or not Earth should join the U.A.S. (United Advanced Species). The title character also seems to befriend an Ambassador who is voiced by Brad Garrett.

Both Disney and Pixar films have seemed to struggle lately at the box office. Hopefully Elio (2024) will bring about a much needed blockbuster for the studio.

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