Not-So-Magical Things in Walt Disney World

Overall Walt Disney World is full of magical experiences; however, there are some not-so-magical things that can pop up during your vacation. We have a few of this not so magical things that you might want to be aware of before you head to Walt Disney World.

Being aware of these things ahead of time will make you more prepared and ready if they happen to you during your Walt Disney World vacation. We hope that they help you as you prepare and plan for your upcoming vacation.

Animals Are Around

Credit: Disney


When moving around the Walt Disney World Resort or finding a place to eat your meal, be aware that birds are very present in Walt Disney World. As you enjoy your fries at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom or settle in for a nice meal at Flame Tree Barbecue, be aware that you might have some feather friends try to join you.

Birds, ducks, and even sometimes squirrels are known to try to enjoy a meal with Guests throughout the Parks.  Be aware of this by making sure you don’t leave your meal unattended. Also, remember that they are wild animals so Disney encourages Guests to not feed them as that encourages the behavior and also can harm their natural diet.

Another not-so-magical part of the birds being around is that you could get pooped on by them. That’s right- you might find yourself having to deal with some clean-up after being pooped on by a bird as you walk around the Parks.

If you don’t have anything to clean yourself up with, head to a Baby Care center in the theme Park or talk to the nearest Cast Member as they will be able to help you. Birds and natural animals are part of the Parks and you will just need to be aware of them as you are enjoying the magic.

Love Bugs Are Present

We are grateful that overall Walt Disney World doesn’t have a lot of bugs such as mosquitoes; however, love bugs do show up in the spring and late summer months. Overall Walt Disney World takes measures to help reduce bugs so they don’t impact Guests during their vacation.

Love Bugs are a different story as they show up on walls, outside your hotel and they land on everything. This can creep you out but know they aren’t harmful, just annoying.

Sweat Is Everywhere

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Another not so magical part of a Walt Disney World vacation is the sweat that shows up everywhere. Florida is a swampland and Walt Disney World is built right on top of it. Because of this, it becomes like an oven for a large part of the year. Because of this heat, you will have sweat from places you didn’t even know could sweat.  And that is okay.

To overcome this, take time to cool down in air-conditioned experiences like Carousel of Progress or Festival of the Lion King. By stepping out of the heat, you can help your body cool down.

Bring a change of clothes so you can take off the sweaty layers and refresh. Keep your hair up, wear hats, bring fans, and hit the pool.  These are all ways to help limit the amount of sweat that will happen. We know that it is gross, but it is just part of visiting Walt Disney World so be prepared for it.

Getting Wet

Credit: Disney

We love the water rides at Walt Disney World! Both Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom and Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are water rides that will get Guests wet. Although the rides are fun, some parts of these rides aren’t so magical.

Sitting down on a wet seat or having to set your feet in puddles isn’t super fun. Be aware that this might happen on water rides by bringing extra socks or bags to put items in so they don’t get even wetter. It can be less than magical walking around with wet shoes all day so play ahead so you don’t have to have that experience.

All The Blisters, Rashes & More

Credit: Disney

It can be not so magical when your body experiences rashes, chafing, blisters or sunburn during your Walt Disney World vacation. No matter how many times you try out your shoes at home or how many times you apply sunscreen, sometimes blisters and sunburns happen. Have an extra pair of shoes so you can switch them out if blisters do occur and bring blister and sunscreen medicine.

If you don’t have any, head to the Baby Care Centers as they will have options. Chafing and rashes also can be a not so magical experience that appears during a Walt Disney World vacation. Because of all the walking and the heat, sometimes you find your body reacting in ways it normally doesn’t.

Even though this isn’t ideal, there are chafing sticks and medicine that can help ease the irritation. If you are going during the hotter months, consider bringing medicine along to help with these issues that can arise. By being prepared, you can change these not-so-magical experiences around.


Another not-so-magical reality of Walt Disney World is that there are germs everywhere. Walt Disney World does a FANTASTIC job at keeping things clean and sanitized, but the reality is there are thousands of Guests touching stuff every day and it is hard to keep up. Be prepared to combat the germs by bringing hand sanitizer and wipes to clean things off and keep those hands cleaned.

Kids touch everything from the handrails to the windows on the bus and everything in between.  Know that this is normal so don’t freak out too much. Instead, be proactive with those vitamins and make sure everyone gets the rest they need as well so they don’t get worn down. Germs aren’t a magical part of a Walt Disney World vacation but it is a part that you need to prepare for when you arrive.

Overall, Walt Disney World is extremely magical, but there are some not so magical experiences that you should be prepared for ahead of time. By being aware of these experiences, you can be ready and not so surprised if they show up during your vacation. We hope this will help you out as you plan!

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