8 Things You’ll Love About Flame Tree Barbecue At Walt Disney World

Flame Tree Barbecue is easily one of the best quick-service restaurants on Disney World property. In fact, we’d say it’s rivaled only by two or three others. It’s almost always our first choice when picking a lunch or dinner spot in Animal Kingdom, and we’d recommend it to anyone who loves barbecue.

Wondering what’s so great about it? Check out these 8 things we know you’ll love about Flame Tree Barbecue.


1. Seriously Good Food

There are many quick-service restaurants on Disney property with food that is perfectly acceptable. Actually, we think most of Disney’s eateries meet this criteria. The food at Flame Tree, however, is more than just acceptable. Heck, it’s more than just good. This food is seriously delicious, and could just as easily be served up in a table-service restaurant.

If you’re looking to order the tastiest thing on an all-around tasty menu, go for the ribs. These things fall off the bone and couldn’t be more flavorful. Add an onion ring basket for the perfect complement to your insanely good entree.

We do realize of course that not everyone is a meat fanatic. Fortunately, Flame Tree even caters to those folks by offering an incredible watermelon salad that is loved by all who give try it.

2. Nature-Inspired Seating Area

As you know, the theme of Animal Kingdom is…well, animals. Flame Tree fits perfectly with this theme and expands on it by creating a clear “predator and prey” theme in its seating area. Not only does this fit well with the overall theme of the park, we feel it’s also quite appropriate in a meat-centric restaurant where humans are actively taking their place in the great circle of life, so to speak.

To spot this theme, check out the backs of chairs, the hanging decor, and the painting around the tops of the pavilions and on the table tops. Note the fact that the seating is all set in amongst the trees, something that really helps you appreciate nature and the shade it offers.

3. Entertainment While You Eat

If you like a good bit of music or some fun dancing, be sure to find a seat near the Discovery Island side of the seating area. From there, you will be able to watch the Discovery Island performers as you enjoy your lunch or dinner. We especially enjoy the amazing harpist who plays throughout the day, and often find ourselves dancing along to his entrancing music.


4. Amazing Views

Prefer a good view over mealtime entertainment? Head to the waterside tables that are set further back in the seating area. These seats will allow you to look out over the water and watch Expedition Everest as it takes passengers on the ride of their lives.

5. Affordable Prices

Those with little extra to spend will appreciate the fact that the menu at Flame Tree has several items that are very affordable. The pulled pork sandwich, for instance, is only $10.99 and includes beans and coleslaw to boot. This is a fantastic deal and one we take advantage of regularly.

Other great deals at this quick-service spot include the pulled pork mac ’n’ cheese, as well as the watermelon salad. Those who don’t mind sharing might also find value in the sampler, which includes plenty of meat for two.

6. Discounts Available

In addition to the already affordable prices, Flame Tree also has a 20% discount available to some visitors. This discounts are available to both Tables and Wonderland card holders, as well as Annual Passholders, and makes it easy to eat for around $8 per person. Anyone who has ever visited Disney World knows that this is a fantastic value, so be sure to use your discount if you are entitled to one.

7. Perfect Location

The location of Flame Tree Barbecue seriously could not be any more convenient. It’s located in Discovery Island just before the Dinoland, U.S.A. bridge. This is a very central location that is easily reached no matter where you happen to be in the park. Therefore, Flame Tree is a great option for a meetup location, and is not something you’ll have to go out of your way for.

8. Super Fast Service

Sure, it’s quick-service, but we all know that not all fast food places are actually fast. Disney does do a pretty good job of ensuring their counter-service eateries get food out quickly, but we think Flame Tree is exceptional at this. They have quick-service down to an art, meaning you’ll never be left waiting too long for some delicious barbecue food to come your way.

Take that fast service one step further with the Mobile Food and Beverage Ordering option available on the My Disney Experience App. Order and pay for your food before arrival. Pick up your food from the Mobile Ordering window all while avoiding the lines for an even faster experience.

As you can see, we really love Flame Tree. We hope this article inspires you to give it a try. We know you’ll agree that this place is truly a quick-service gem.

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