10 Disney Characters That Would Be Perfect Partners In Crime

Credit: World of Disney

I would love nothing more than to hang out with just about all of the Disney characters (OK, maybe not Frollo or Prince Hans, but you get the idea).  We all love the characters so much that we can almost view them like real friends.  It was extremely difficult, but here are the top 10 Disney characters that I would totally want to be my partners in crime:


10. The Genie, from Aladdin

The Genie can grant you wishes, so of course he is a great guy to have around.  Plus he is a loyal friend and can help get you out of any trouble that could arise.

9. Moana, from Moana

She is adventurous and a ton of fun!  She is great to have around to keep things interesting and ensure that you never get bored. Plus her songs are fun and catchy, so you can have a great time playing karaoke.

8. Maximus, from Tangled

Maximus is definitely a must have in the group.  He will let you ride him anywhere you need to go.  He is loyal to a fault and he’s brave.  He will help ensure that the job gets done and is a best friend for life.


7. Fix-It Felix, from Wreck-It Ralph

I’d love to have all of the characters from Wreck-It Ralph in the group, but you can’t help but make sure the guy that can fix everything is in the group. If you get into any kind of trouble or need help, Felix can always fix it.  He also has some sweet dance moves, so he’ll be fun at all the parties, too!

6. Merida, from Brave

Merida is one of the most daring of the characters.  She doesn’t conform to what her mother’s ideal of a princess should be.  She is great to have around to remind us all to be the best versions of ourselves and to always stand up for what we believe in.

5. Baloo, from The Jungle Book

Baloo reminds us to always look for the bare necessities.  He is a laugh to have around.  He’s also loyal and protective of his close friends.  You can always count on him to keep your best interest at heart and to teach you about the simpler, more relaxed aspects of life.

4. Fairy Godmother, from Cinderella

She is a ton of fun and she has magical powers.  You can’t have too many magical powers in the group since they always come in handy.  She can also serve as a little bit of a voice of reason when the group may need it at times.

3. Robin Hood, from Robin Hood

You definitely need a thief with a heart of gold in the group.  He robs from the rich to give to the poor.  You can always appreciate a guy like that who cares about the welfare of others.  He’s extremely resourceful, so there is also a lot that the group will be able to learn from him, too.

2. Queen Elsa, from Frozen

Icy powers are always a fun thing to have around.  Now that she knows how to control them, her icy powers are great to have around for fun or for safety.  She is also another strong-minded character who can remind us to always be ourselves and to embrace those around us who love us.

1. Sebastian, from The Little Mermaid

Sebastian is a needed voice in the group.  He is cautious and sarcastic in his approach to keep everyone in line and out of trouble.  When push comes to shove he will support his friends and help them achieve their dreams.  He is definitely an amazing and necessary friend to have in the group.

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