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Packing Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Heading To Walt Disney World

You might feel like you need to pack the whole house when heading to Walt Disney World, but that isn’t the case. Disney packing doesn’t need to be stressful, and we have some ways to help you along the way as you make your Disney packing list.

We have some packing mistakes that you will want to think about as you pack for Walt Disney World. We hope they help you avoid them as you get ready.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Credit: Inside the Magic

Not Preparing for Weather

Most of us watch the weather app more than watching the news before a Walt Disney World vacation. We anxiously watch to see what the temperatures will be and the weather prediction for our trip.

Don’t mistake thinking that what you see before you leave is what you will experience in Walt Disney World. Weather changes quickly in Florida, so make sure you pack for it.

Even if the forecast doesn’t have rain listed, don’t skip out on packing rain gear. The chances are good that you will have some rain fall at some point during your trip, so be prepared for it.

Think about bringing small umbrellas, rain jackets, or a rain poncho for the group. This will help keep everyone dry and able to keep on moving in the Parks.

This goes for temperature as well. We know that most of us assume that it is always warm in Florida and where it is most of the time, it can also get cool and even cold.

Make sure you are prepared for the drop in temperatures by packing layers. Think about jackets you can throw on in the evenings or even in the air conditioning.

For those that are traveling during the winter months, make sure you pack some winter gear. Think about gloves, hats, and even a coat to help you stay warm and enjoy the Park.

It can be easy when making your Disney packing list to assume that the forecast will be consistent, but this isn’t the case. Don’t be surprised by rain or cold weather but instead, pack for the conditions and be ready to go.

Not Packing Extra Shoes

A big mistake that people make when packing is assuming that one pair of shoes will be enough.

We know that they take up a lot of room in the luggage, but it is extremely important to have more than one pair of shoes for everyone when at Walt Disney World.

Even if you bring your favorite pair of tennis shoes that you walk in all the time, you never know when blisters will occur in the hot, humid weather.

Having an extra pair of shoes will give your feet a break and relieve some pain if blisters occur.

Another reason to have extra shoes is in case they get wet. This might be from rides such as Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, but it can also be from rain.

When it rains so hard, the Parks can’t keep up and drain fast enough, leaving puddles everywhere.

If you have extra shoes, you won’t be stuck wearing wet shoes in the Parks. Switch them out, and off you go.

As a side tip, if you do end up with wet shoes and don’t have an extra pair, the newspaper is a great way to dry out wet shoes.

Make sure you don’t pack new shoes for Disney or shoes that you can’t walk a lot in. A Disney vacation is a lot of walking, so make sure everyone has shoes that are comfortable putting some miles on.


We know that it is hard to figure out what to pack for Walt Disney World, but many Guests make a mistake because they overpack.

First of all, remember that all Disney Resorts have laundry facilities, so you can do laundry if needed on vacation.

We know that laundry on vacation doesn’t sound like fun, but it is a way to pack less. Consider doing it on a pool day, as many of the laundry facilities are located near the pools.

Second, you are heading to Walt Disney World, not the desert. Chances are, if you forget something, you will be able to find it in Walt Disney World.

Not only does Disney have a lot of items in the gift shops, but you can also get packages delivered through a variety of companies.

Make sure you pack the essentials but know that you will find things in Disney World.

Leave Room for Souvenirs

As you plan out your packing, make sure that you leave room to bring souvenirs home. This is a mistake a lot of Guests make.

We all pack perfectly on the way down, and then once we buy that popcorn bucket, Mickey sipper, and three stuffed animals, we no longer have room in our luggage.

Plan by leaving room in your luggage or even throwing in an extra bag to bring home. This will save you some stress and money trying to figure out how to get everything back home.

Not Packing First Aid

Disney does a fantastic job having first aid options at the Theme Parks and resorts, but you can save time and money by remembering to bring those items.

When it comes to first aid, make sure to think about band aids or blister items that can help relieve pain.

We also make sure we have moleskin and even chafing medicine for areas that get a little sore from all the walking.

Think about sunscreen and aloe as well to keep yourself protected from the sun.

Having these items with you can help your trip be less stressful.

These are some of the big mistakes that Guests make when packing for Walt Disney World. We hope that knowing about them ahead of time will help you be prepared as you pack for a wonderful Walt Disney World vacation.

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