What Pros Pack For Disney World

Packing for Walt Disney World can seem like a huge undertaking. Trying to determine exactly what you need to bring can be stressful. We are here to help you with what you should pack as we have what pros pack for their Walt Disney World vacation. Take a look at the list and make sure you have these items ready to go so you, too, can look like a Disney World pro.

Items For Weather

A pro doesn’t head to Disney World without being prepared for the weather. This can be a variety of different things depending on when you are visiting. Overall, pros make sure that they have rain gear no matter when they are heading down to visit. Making sure you have an umbrella, or a raincoat/poncho can be a game-changer when it comes to saving your trip. Pros know that even if the weather says 0% chance of rain, it is still important to toss in that rain gear just in case. Pros are also prepared for the heat and humidity in Disney as it can be extremely difficult if you aren’t prepared for it. Pros will make sure they have tons of sunscreen and lip balm. Cooling towels and individual fans are also something you will see pros have with them during the heat of the day. Having a way to keep your body temperature down can be extremely helpful. Finally, pros know that even Florida can get cold during the winter months. They make sure they have mittens, hats, and scarves packed for the evening hours so they can continue to enjoy the parks even after the sun goes down. These are all items that pros make sure they have with them to help be prepared for the weather at Walt Disney World.

credit: amazon

credit: amazon

Back-Up Chargers

Another item that you won’t see pro Disney travelers without is a backup charger. Pros know how important access to the My Disney Experience app is while in Walt Disney World and how quickly it will drain their battery. To prevent their cell phone from dying while in the parks, leaving them unable to capture that special moment, pros make sure to have a backup battery for their cell phone ready to go. There are so many choices on Amazon, so make sure to snag one before you head out. If you have teens with their phones, make sure they have a portable charger as well.  


Blister Medicine

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for walking in Walt Disney World. Chances are good, you will find yourself with a blister at some point during your vacation. Pros are aware of this and come prepared to handle it and keep going. Pros make sure they have items like bandaids, moleskin, or even blister medicine to help them recover quickly and keep the vacation moving forward.



We are well aware that there are tons of options for snacks at Walt Disney World, but pros know that hunger pains don’t always happen when it is convenient. Knowing this, pros make sure that they have snacks packed and ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with all little kids or all adults, having a quick snack on hand can save the day. Lines for food might be longer than you anticipated, or the line you are in might be taking longer than you thought. Making sure you have some snacks on hand will prevent some meltdowns and even save you some money.


Pros also know that water intake is super important in Walt Disney World. Because of this, they make sure they have a refillable water bottle with them at all times. Disney has started to step up their game when it comes to refillable water stations making it super easy to keep your bottle filled up throughout your Park day. Remember, you can get free ice water from quick-service locations throughout the parks as well.


Reusable Straws

Yes, we know this might seem silly, but believe it that pros carry their own straws with them. Disney World has transitioned to paper straws to help with waste and help the environment. If you have used a paper straw before, you know that it isn’t the best experience. The paper often gets soft and starts to stick together. Little ones chew on them, making it even less productive. To help with this issue, pros make sure to pack those straws with them for the Park. This helps make those cold drinks a little more refreshing.


Ziploc Bags

Another unique item that pros have them with while visiting Walt Disney World is Ziploc bags. Ziplocs come in handy for many different reasons while visiting the parks. Use them for anything that gets dirty or wet, or keep your items dry while on water rides. Also, they are great for any food you might not finish but want to keep for a future snack. Pros often bring a variety of sizes so they can be prepared for all situations.

credit: insidethemagic

credit: insidethemagic

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

This probably seems like a no-brainer in today’s world, but pros always have and will always bring extra hand sanitizer and wipes with them to Walt Disney World. Having wipes for sticky fingers, tables and messes are super helpful. Although Disney has hand sanitizer all over the parks, it is nice to have some with you at all times. Pros have always been ones to have these two items with them and will continue to bring them in the future.


These are some of the main items that Walt Disney World pros make sure to have with them when they visit the parks. Make sure you are just as prepared by packing these items for your next vacation and look like a pro. Want more information on packing? Check out this article HERE.

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