Preview Dates Confirmed Ahead of TRON Lightcycle / Run’s Official Opening

The Walt Disney World Resort is currently preparing to open its next thrill ride with TRON Lightcycle / Run coming to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom this spring. The attraction, which originally debuted in Shanghai Disneyland when this Disney Park opened in 2016, will allow Guests to “Enter the Grid,” and board the attraction for an immersive experience inspired by ...

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Can You ACTUALLY Buy a Car At EPCOT’s Test Track?

test track goofy confused epcot

“Energizing for Power test.” Test Track is one of EPCOT’s most popular attractions, a high-speed car ride that lets Walt Disney Word Guests experience a simulated journey through the testing procedures that General Motors uses to evaluate its concept cars. The thrill ride culminates in a high-speed drive around the exterior of the EPCOT attraction, one that leaves Guests’ hair ...

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Why Prince Harry Will Miss Splash Mountain More Than Most

prince harry splash mountain closure disney world

There’s been a real “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” about the recent closure of the iconic Splash Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World. The log flume has been a fan-favorite for years, and now, The Princess and the Frog (2009) is replacing the Magic Kingdom ride when Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens in 2024. While many Disney fans are excited to see Princess Tiana and ...

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Hints and Hacks – Magic Kingdom Edition!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has all the makings of the best day ever. From strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., to riding Haunted Mansion and snacking on a waffle in Liberty Square. I’ll never pass up time in this classic Disney Park. Are you looking for the best tips and hacks before your Disney vacation? We have you covered. Before you head ...

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The Many Wonderful Ways to Take a Disney Vacation

Different Disney Destinations Feature Image

When most people think about going on a Disney vacation, they tend to immediately stir up images of running through the different theme parks, embarking on all those must-do rides and attractions, embracing every single iconic Disney Character or great acclaim, and enjoying some of the most fabulous food ever. It’s also a given that many opt to sweeten the ...

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Top Tips for Making Disney World Cheaper

A vacation to Walt Disney World is beyond incredible. But, the cost of a Disney family vacation can also climb to an incredibly high sum. While there is no way to “do Disney on a dime,” there are ways to cut costs and get the best value for your hard-earned cash. Let’s chat about ways you can work to reduce costs ...

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Disney Merchandise Finally Makes the Change Fans Have Been Waiting For

We can’t be alone in our love for Disney Parks merchandise, but there is one piece of an iconic souvenir that we (and most fans) simply cannot stand. Nope, it’s not the sometimes difficult-to-open packaging, mobile orders for souvenir popcorn buckets and sippers, or even the admittedly too-high price point of certain items…. RELATED: Disney Park Finally Bans Reselling of Merchandise ...

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