Pin and Sticker Trading

Pin Trading Isn’t the Only Swap Guests Can Make at Walt Disney World Resort

Pin collecting is an immensely popular pastime for Disney lovers. Fans love to bring their pins to the Resorts and trade them with other Guests and Cast Members. But pin trading is not exclusive to the Parks.

Disney content creators often join together to form box swap groups. Many times Disney pins are included in the tradeable item guidelines, along with other collectible items such as Funko POPS. Holiday box swaps are exceptionally fun, with added elements like Halloween and Christmas incorporated into the trading theme.

Disney Pins

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Pins aren’t the only item you can collect on a visit to Walt Disney World Resort. We recently shared about a relatively unknown collectible item Guests can get their hands on at Florida’s Theme Parks and  Hotels.

Various Disney-themed stamps can be found at locations inside the Resort. Guests can go on a scavenger hunt to find stamps containing all sorts of different Disney themes. From Villains to Droids, it can be a fun, affordable, and even practical item to collect.

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Stamps cannot be traded within Walt Disney World Resort, but there is another item you may not have known is tradeable, stickers! Disney content creator @stuckinneverlandcoposted recently posted a video on TikTok following her sticker trading adventures. The Disney enthusiast visited Guest Relations first, to trade with a Cast Member, citing the hobby as her “new favorite thing ever!”


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Several Cast Members took to the comments section to offer stickers to the TikToker on her next visit to the Resort. Some said they didn’t have stickers to hand out but offered temporary tattoos instead.

Disney Sticker trading would be an especially fun hobby for scrapbooking fans. Exclusive stickers acquired inside Disney Parks would make a magical addition to anyone’s collection. Did you know sticker trading was a thing at Walt Disney World Resort?!

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