Police Step in With Out of Control Disney Guests

Disney's Happily EVer After Fireworks
Credit: Disney

Disney World is branded as the most “Magical place on earth.” It’s not just a marketing scheme, though; it really is the happiest place to be. Disney World offers Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, creating a world all its own. Although it is the most magical place, emotions can run high when visiting Disney Park. And sometimes, not for the best.

Recently, Disney police had to step in during an incident that happened in Magic Kingdom. Since social media is the giant that allows us to share really anything in real-time, we have seen unfortunate issues occur in the past at Parks. This one is no different, as a Guest recalls.

Magic Kingdom fireworks

Credit: D23

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Guest Issue at Magic Kingdom

According to a social media post reported by Disney Dining, a Guest recalls their evening at Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom firework show is the ending of a long day in the Parks, with music and illuminations lighting up the sky. It is supposed to be a time of joy and an invitation to relax at the end of your day.

This Guest had a different experience, though. The story goes that several women were attempting to record the firework show. When Guests asked one woman to move, she became irate. Initially, Disney Cast Members were the first to get involved, but when problems escalated, so did Disney police. The Guest observing recalls;

“There was a sizable group of women attempting to record happily ever after in the walkway and became belligerent when asked to move several times. They even made contact with a supervisor. Needless to say, Disney PD got involved.”

Magic Kingdom fireworks

Credit: D23

Inside the Magic also reported, “The patience you all displayed in that situation was saintly,” the Guest said. “It is disappointing that people cannot simply follow basic instructions.” It is still unclear if the Guest was escorted out, given a warning, or even banned from Disney World. At this time, there are no public records of the incident.

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Magic Kingdom’s Nighttime Fireworks is a sensation all Guests look forward to. As Disney describes the show, “Be dazzled by Happily Ever After, a fireworks extravaganza that captures the heart, humor, and heroism of favorite Disney stories. Watch in wonder as Cinderella Castle is magically transformed with color, light, and dramatic effects—to the tune of a soaring score featuring contemporary versions of beloved Disney songs.”

Magic Kingdom fireworks

Credit: D23

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What’s the craziest experience you’ve had at Walt Disney World Park?


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