Splash Mountain Without Water?

When you are getting ready to ride Splash Mountain, many Guests want to grab a raincoat or poncho. You know, getting into it that you were going to get soaked. That was not the case for some Disney Guests recently at Disneyland.

It is a very strange sight, but Splash Mountain at Disneyland is missing something, the water! As you can see in the video, Guests take that 5 story drop without water beneath them.


Watch the video here thanks to mommymouseclubhouse.


It was not supposed to be like this, it was most likely due to a technical error, but it was still safe for Guests to ride. Once the log hits the bottom, you can see that there is still a splash of water, so there is a pool below waiting for them.

This is a very popular attraction, although there is controversy due to the theming of the ride. It was announced in 2020 that Disney would retheme Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The plan is to theme it to the Princess and the Frog, a popular Disney film that came out in 2009. Many Guests are excited about the new theming, while others are not.


There is no date announced for the project yet, and the closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic has not helped push plans forward. Many of Disney’s new ideas and plans were either canceled or pushed back. As soon as those retheming plans move forward, we will update you with any information.


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Both Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be undergoing refurbishment soon, but it is most likely just for regular maintenance.


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