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AI Specialists May Be in High Demand as Disney Seeks to Hire

Disney robots

AI or artificial intelligence has been quite the chatter, and now amongst Disney. The Walt Disney Company is always looking for new ways to be innovative. It is a company, so of course, at the forefront will always be making the business revenue, but hopefully, the brand’s integrity. When Walt Disney first began his journey, it was nearly unimaginable to ...

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Extending His Contract?


Eight months ago, the Walt Disney Company dumped its CEO Bob Chapek and brought back Bob Iger to take the reins. The original plan (and contract) was to bring him on for two years. It was expected that Bob Iger would return and fix the damage that had been done to the company, such as its floundering stock, political battles, ...

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Amid Layoffs, Bob Iger Renovates His Mansion


The Walt Disney Company has been experiencing a very humbling year. Its stock price has fallen, theme park attendance still hasn’t quite reached pre-pandemic levels, the new movies aren’t performing at the box office, and the company has laid off over 7,000 employees (in addition to some of ESPN’s top on-air talent). RELATED: Disney to Lose $1 BILLION With Indiana Jones ...

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