Taylor Swift Could Be a Part of Disney’s Live-Action ‘Tangled’

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Disney is remaking yet another classic animated film. Announced last week was the live-action film Tangled (2010). The original film was a beloved animation telling the story of Rapunzel. Interestingly enough, fans seem to dislike the remakes of animated films but are excited about this re-imagination.

Tangled is based on the story of Rapunzel, originally written by The Grimms Brothers. “The film is telling the story of the long-lost princess Rapunzel, who yearns to leave the confines of her secluded tower for an adventure,” Disney Fandom details. With the assistance of Flynn Ryder, who breaks into her home, she is freed to explore the world against her foster mother’s wishes. The computer-animated film was well received by audiences scoring 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, “Not only did it take home $592.4 million at the worldwide box office – making it the most successful Disney animated feature film since The Lion King (1994),” Inside the Magic reported.


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With the clear love for the film, it’s no wonder it’s getting its very own live-action now.

Who Will Star in the Live-Action Tangled?

With the news swirling around the internet, fans have taken it upon themselves to cast the film’s actors. Thoughts about who will play Rapunzel have led to actress Florence Pugh, but fans want what they want. And apparently, that is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has taken over with her Eras Tour, selling out in every major city she visits. Her concert tickets nearly broke the internet, with the speed of sales and the hiked-up prices to watch her shows. Her fans call themselves “Swifties,” and there may be no bigger force to join than Swifties and Disney fans combined. With Disney’s most recent film, The Little Mermaid (2023), Halle Bailey showed offered her out-of-this-world signings skills, leaving fans wondering who could compare for the role of Rapunzel. Swift has acted in films like Valentine’s Day (2010) and Amsterdam (2022), but a live-action Disney film would be a whole new role.

While this is all just speculation and lots of fan love, one fan took it over the top. Using AI, he created a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, portraying how perfect they would be singing “I See The Light” from the hit film. Furthermore, showing that the exes could actually be the perfect roles for Rapunzel and Flynn. You can hear the song here to get a taste of what simply could be.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

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As Disney Dining reported, “Perhaps this fan support will get the attention of Disney, who is desperately in need of a hit movie right about now.” Disney’s most recent films have struggled at the box office, and maybe the answer is listening to more fans’ feedback.

Do you think Taylor Swift would be a good Rapunzel?

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