10 Lies About Walt Disney World

10. FastPass costs money

One “lie,” or misconception that I occasionally heard during my college program was from guests who did not use FastPass until the end of their trip, because they assumed that it cost money. I assume this misconception occurs simply because other theme parks do generally charge for similar services, however Fastpass at Walt Disney World is included with your admission.


9. Cast members will watch your kids for you

Disney does offer some excellent childcare services, however these services come from cast members whose job it is to watch your children, not any cast member you happen to see. While safety is indeed a huge priority for any Disney cast member, watching your children is really not part of your job. Cast members are happy to watch your kids in the sense of making sure they’re not lost in the parks, or that they’re doing okay in the pool, or buckled into an attraction, however they are not meant to watch your children if you purposely decide to use any cast member as a babysitter.

8. You can get free stuff if you ask

This is another lie that I heard occasionally while on my college program. I assume that by “free stuff” people are usually referring to things like snacks or basic merchandise items. I don’t know of any company that would just give out free stuff because you asked, and Disney certainly does not do this as well. Occasionally a “magical moment” will happen, where a cast member might be in the position to give away something small for free, however it isn’t really a magical moment if you ask for it. Another way guests sometimes get free merchandise at Disney is through guest service recovery, however in most instances this isn’t really even “free.” One example of guest service recovery might be that you bought an ice cream, you dropped the ice cream, and so a cast member replaces it for free.

7. It can be done in one or a few days

This lie is interesting to me, and I can only assume it happens as a result of one of two reasons. One reason is that the people who promote this lie do absolutely no research—they do so little research that they think Walt Disney World is one park, and they aren’t even aware that the theme parks besides the Magic Kingdom, or the water parks, even exist. The only other reason I can think of is that they don’t realize Disney World and Disneyland are two different things, and furthermore they must also have no idea that California Adventure exists. Either way, Disney World has so many things to do and cannot possibly be anywhere close to completed in a limited amount of time.

6. You have to be on Main Street to see the parades

I don’t know if this is as much of a lie as it is simply a desire to be on Main Street, but you absolutely do not need to be on Main Street to see the parade. If you don’t want to spend some serious time camping out for a spot on Main Street, I promise there is nothing wrong with watching a parade from Frontierland.

5. Every attraction ends in a gift shop

This point is something that’s overheard often by guests in Walt Disney World, which I just find amusing because most attractions actually do not end in gift shops. If you actually look at the number of attractions that exit into gift shops and the number of attractions that do not, you’d be pretty surprised given how often you’ve probably heard this statement.


4. Magic bands track your every move

I can kind of understand why people might think this, but this is not true at all. While magic bands do automatically upload your ride photos to your My Disney Experience account, and they can be used for other things like park entry, making purchases, Mickey is most definitely not tracking your every move. For whatever reason, some guests tend to think that Disney is stalking them via magic band, however while I was a cast member I was almost constantly being told how magic bands were never used for any such purchases.

3. There’s nothing to eat but burgers and hot dogs

This point is a common conception about theme parks in general that is inaccurately applied to Walt Disney World by virtue of people not doing any research before traveling somewhere on vacation. Even for quick service dining, Disney has a variety of options that won’t have you limited to burgers and hot dogs.

2. It has to be expensive

Disney World can indeed be expensive, that in itself is not a lie. However Disney does not need to be expensive. If you budget properly and look for deals and discounts on resorts a Disney vacation does not need to be too outrageously ridiculous. In addition there are plenty of ways to save money on a Disney vacation like bringing your own food, staying at value resorts, and sticking to filtered cups of water to name a few.

1. It’s only for kids

The biggest lie about Walt Disney World is that it’s only for kids. First of all, Walt Disney decided to venture into theme parks because he wanted to create a place where adults and kids could have fun together—so saying that Disney is only for kids is simply not true at all. And even if you continue to think of Walt Disney World as a place that’s only for kids, just remember “adults are just grown up kids anyway” (Walt Disney.)

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Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."