Testing Out What’s Free on Disney Genie

Today we went to EPCOT to test out the free version of Disney Genie. Since many Guests have been upset about the new charges, we wanted to get a true sense of what is included without an extra fee. It was a sunny day in Central Florida, so the weather was not an issue when making selections. The cool thing about the new app is that it will change your selections based on the weather forecast.

As we walked around the Park, it suggested different dining options and attractions, so it will adapt to where you are in the Park. If you don’t like a suggestion that it gives, you can switch, and it will update for you. If you are someone, who does not like planning out your day, the tip board will be perfect for you. It does the guesswork and you can just follow it. If you would like to see the regular list wait times, that is still an option and available on the app.

As you can see here for Test Track it will give you a layout of the day on when they think wait times will be the lowest hour to hour. It looks like for Test Track, if you wait a little bit later in the day, it will go down. Everyone’s suggestions will be different, though, because they want it to be spread out through Guests. If everyone had the same suggestions, then those wait times would be inaccurate.

Since Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a virtual queue only, we were surprised to see that openings were still available at 1:03 pm. Although it is not as popular as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, it is still the newest attraction and for the time being, will not have a standby line, only a virtual queue.

Overall, I think this app is very helpful and takes a little bit of the stress out of your day. It is not required to use but is a useful tool, especially for those who may not be familiar with everything Walt Disney World has to offer. Keep up with all the latest Disney information on Disney Tips and like our Facebook page.

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