The EPCOT Controversy Continues With Disney

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth
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The question is simple, but the answers are lengthy.

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, formerly known as EPCOT Center, opened in 1982. In the World Showcase, Morocco opened in 1984, being one of the nine pavilions in EPCOT. Now, the bustling World Showcase offers eleven pavilions filled with culture, retail, dining, and attractions.

When entering EPCOT, heading towards the World Showcase, the bridge takes you over the begin your journey through the pavilions. So the question posed is, right or left? Mexico or Canada? Which way do you walk first?

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Is Disney trying to imply something with this tweet? Or just stir the pot online? Either way, it has us all chatting. Mexico or Canada, or is it…France?

Mexico or Canada?

You are met with a decision if you enter EPCOT through the main entrance and walk towards the World Showcase. Right or left. Mexico or Canada. There is quite a controversy about which was the “right” or “best” way to begin your adventure through the pavilions. I am definitely a Mexico, stop-first kind of girl. I think the controversy holds strong depending on your interests as you explore the World Showcase. But Mexico is the best first stop for food and drinks. Mexico’s culture and thematic detail pull you in, allowing you to enjoy the authenticity of their dining options. Plus, you are welcomed by an attraction that Canada does not have.

While some may disagree with a start in Mexico, if you are drinking around the world, it’s a must to consider before beginning. Disney Dining writes, “By starting in Canada, you can experience the very best of what each country has to offer in progressively stronger beverages.” Although this is a wise choice to keep your buzz to a minimum, not everyone drinks around the world. If you are traveling with your family, Mexico is fun for the dining options and the attraction, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Furthermore, Mexico has details from the hit film ‘CoCo’ (2017) that children love to explore.

EPCOT Pavilions

Credit: D23

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But wait, there’s a third option? There certainly is. In September 2019, the Skyliner opened in Disney World, giving Guests an alternative route to get to the Parks. Guests staying at certain Disney Resorts can access EPCOT and Hollywood Studios via Skyliner and enter the third option. Twitter agrees this is a plausible option and almost gives a fun new experience to walking around World Showcase.

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So what’s your take on World Showcase? Mexico, Canada, or France?

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