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Disney World’s theme Parks do a magnificent job of transporting you into a new world. Whether you are staring at Cinderella Castle, experiencing Pandora for the first time, or riding The Tower of Terror, there is always something to be amazed by. EPCOT offers The World Showcase, which truly feels like you are going from one country to the next. In the roundabout path, each country offers its own unique flare on not just culture but food, rides, and shops.

There is so much to experience in EPCOT, it can easily take two full Park days to take it all in. Each year EPCOT features limited-time events to experience the countries in a new way. These are; the International Flower & Garden Festival, International Food & Wine Festival, Festivals of the Arts, and Festival of the Holidays. Each festival offers new experiences by country, continuing to make your trip to EPCOT unique each and every time.

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With so many options, is it fair to say one country is the best? While it may be more of an opinion, here’s why Mexico is the best country in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

EPCOT Mexican Pavilion

Credit: D23

What Makes a Country the Best?

Every country offers something different that allows them to stand out all on their own. But does every country have a ride along with their culture’s food and drinks? Mexico does. Mexico offers Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. This classic ride was the first in the entire World Showcase to feature Disney characters, not only making it special but a staple to your visit. On this ride, you can “take in the sights of Mexico” as described by Disney World.

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Food and Drinks

Next is the food and drinks. The San Angel Inn Restaurante is an ode to the tastes of Mexico with south-of-the-border cuisine. Adjacent to San Angel is La Cava del Tequila offering various adult beverages. Just outside is La Cantina de San Angel and La Hacienda de San Angel. All four of these restaurants display various drinks like their fiesta margarita. It’s been said that the Mexico pavilion may offer the best chips and guacamole in all of Disney World.

For a sit-down dining experience, Mexico offers the experience to feel like you are eating in front of a pyramid, and a market on the other end. The San Angel Inn as reported by Delish, “Even if the food weren’t excellent, the opportunity to sit in a cool, dim atmosphere and take a break from the Florida heat would be enough to recommend the place.”

EPCOT Mexican Pavilion

Credit: Disney World

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Culture and Theme

The 36-foot pyramid is the first of many features you’ll notice upon walking into The World Showcase. When entering you can go to the right or left, beginning with Mexico on your left or Canada on your right. The architecture is inspired by the Mayans with vibrant colors and carvings. The sculptures of serpent heads represent Quetzalcoatl, and the entrance is meant to look like a Mayan Ceremonial hall. The entranceway begins your experience with the colorful culture, including the ‘Coco’  (2017) exhibit.

EPCOT Mexican Pavilion

Credit: Disney World

So what makes it the best? If the food, culture, and drinks didn’t sell you, the desserts just may. Mexico offers a variety of vibrant experiences for all senses, making it the best stop in all of The World Showcase. Which country is your favorite?

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