Best & Worst Restrooms in EPCOT

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The EPCOT theme Park takes visitors on an incredible journey into science, discovery, and other countries. And while there are multiple restrooms throughout the Disney Parks, they are all different. Some are magnets for large crowds, not cleaned as frequently, or inconvenient when a little one must go ASAP. Meanwhile, others can be a porcelain paradise – or at least as close as you can get to a theme Park.

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Spaceship Earth

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Let’s examine the best and worst to use when visiting Disney’s EPCOT.


Imagination Pavilion

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

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World Nature in EPCOT is home to the Imagination Pavilion, where Guests can “enjoy” Journey into Imagination with Figment and visit one of the best bathrooms in the Park. When walking towards Journey into Imagination with Figment, if you simply walk to the righthand side around the rear of the building, there is a quiet and often overlooked restroom. Due to its hard-to-find location, it’s a spot that typically has low foot traffic and, therefore, can usually be cleaner and calmer than most restrooms.

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The American Adventure


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When touring the World Showcase, you will find many restrooms built to accommodate Guests (and provide relief after people eat and drink their way through the countries). Among the many options, the American Adventure Pavilion features a great restroom just to the right of the main entrance. There’s also a small courtyard with picnic tables that provide a nice spot to relax. The American Adventure restroom is large and rarely attracts crowds. It also has the distinction of playing patriotic music as you go–if you’re into that.

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Norway Pavilion


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Some may consider Norway an odd choice on this list due to its proximity to Frozen Ever After. And yes, the restroom between Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and Royal Sommerhus can get a little busy. But this restroom tops the list because it is one of Park’s most recently updated ones. It is also large enough to accommodate four handicap-accessible stalls and four baby changing tables.


Spaceship Earth

Exterior of Spaceship Earth

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You can find these restrooms on either side of the Spaceship Earth attraction. Even though they may be easy to find and convenient, their proximity to the front of the Park makes them some of the busiest and loudest in EPCOT. If you or those in your party can hold it, there are better options inside the Park and near the monorail station at the Park exit.

Japan Pavilion

EPCOT Japan Pavilion

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One of the worst restrooms in EPCOT can be found in the Japan pavilion by Katsura Grill. They are tiny and tucked away in the back of the outdoor seating area. If you’re in this Park area, you’re better off walking next door to The American Adventure.

China Pavilion

China Pavilion

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The only bathrooms located in China are inside restaurants. It can be a little awkward to enter a restaurant just to use the facilities randomly, but on top of that, they are a little small, and you may have a line or crowd on your hands anyway. In addition, they are not the most updated nor usually the cleanest in the World Showcase.

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Final Note

No matter where you may find yourself at the Walt Disney World Resort, there will always be a relatively close restroom. Although Disney may try their best to keep the restrooms clean and organized, it’s one of the busiest vacation spots in the world. So if you need a facility while in EPCOT and can’t make it to one of these “bests,” at least try to stay clear of the “worsts” to avoid a bad situation…

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