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The Many Wonderful Ways to Take a Disney Vacation

When most people think about going on a Disney vacation, they tend to immediately stir up images of running through the different theme parks, embarking on all those must-do rides and attractions, embracing every single iconic Disney Character or great acclaim, and enjoying some of the most fabulous food ever. It’s also a given that many opt to sweeten the overall magical experience by booking a stay at one of those famed Disney Resorts.

You wouldn’t be incorrect in thinking that all the above images rightfully signify the Disney vacationing experience, but the fact remains that they are all highly predictable Disney defaults, to say the least. The reality is that there is so much more to the idea of going on a Disney vacation than most folks even realize. From faraway ventures around the globe to hightailing it on the high seas, or even escaping to some secluded getaway you never even knew about, here are the many wonderful ways to take a Disney Vacation that you’ve probably been overlooking.

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International Disney Resort Visits

Perhaps you’ve already done both Disneyland in Anaheim, California as well as Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Well, that still leaves all the international Disney Resort locations to cover. First, you have Tokyo Disney Resort with its two Disney Park destinations—Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Then, there’s Disneyland Paris with its main Disneyland Paris Park as well as its Walt Disney Studios Park. Next, you have Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and then there is Disney’s youngest addition—Shanghai Disney Resort.

Each and every Disney theme park has plenty of standout original attractions and recreated iconic classics alike. Furthermore, like their American counterparts, each international Disney Park has its own Disney-designated accommodations available to Guests. And all include those impeccable quality standards you’ve come to expect of the Disney brand.

Disney Resorts Around the World

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Parks and Resorts have long served as the most prominent ongoing vacation offering from the Walt Disney Company. But back in 1996, a new way to vacation came on the scene—one that took Disney Magic to the high seas. That was when the Disney Cruise Line officially came into being—sparking a new tradition for doing Disney. And the offerings have only increased over the years and continue to grow. It’s also worth mentioning that the Disney Cruise Line even owns a private designated island exclusive to Guests sailing with them known as Castaway Cay out in the Bahamas. A second location, Lighthouse Point, is already in the works and set to open on the southern end of Eleuthera (also in the Bahamas) by 2024.

There are currently five ships making up the Disney Cruise Line fleet. These are Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish. It’s also been announced that by 2025 three new ships will also be added to the lineup, the first one being Disney Treasure, which will be setting sail in 2024.

Disney Cruise Line itineraries are now broader than ever and offer more profuse sailing options. And that means the possibilities for what you can do are more versatile as well. And while each and every experience is an original, one-of-a-kind endeavor, you’re still guaranteed the same standout magical moments that Disney provides on all of their cruises. These include swimming and onsite water amusements, live stage shows and entertainment, phenomenal dining, and of course Disney Character interactions with Guests.

Disney Cruise Line

Credit: Disney

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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Let’s say you’re the kind of vacationer who just loves the beach scene and making a splash off the shores. You’ve done Disney Parks before, but this time around you’re not really going for all that hustle and bustle; you’d rather hit the Florida coast. And if your past experiences in staying onsite at a Disney Resort are any indication, you find yourself wishing that there was a Disney Resort right on the Atlantic shore. Well then, consider Disney’s Vero Beach Resort a wish granted because that’s exactly what you get by vacationing here.

While Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has been around since 1995, it still remains one of Disney’s best-kept secrets. It was also the second Disney Vacation Club Resort to ever be established, and the first one to not be located directly on Disney Park grounds.

Despite the fact that you will not find any rides, attractions, or theme park offerings of any sort at Vero Beach, by staying here you still get to enjoy all the same exemplary magical standards that come with any Disney accommodation. And for those that don’t want to sacrifice Disney Parks entirely, do take note that Vero Beach is just two hours southeast of Walt Disney World Resort. That makes a day trip over there while on an extended stay at Vero Beach a very real possibility.

Disney's Vero Beach

Credit: Disney

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Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

Just five months after Disney’s Vero Beach Resort came into being, another off-property Disney Vacation Club Resort opened up. This one is located a little more to the north at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Like Disney’s Vero Beach destination, folks staying at Hilton Head Island get to experience all the same magical perks that are pure Disney in every way, while also getting to enjoy a peaceful and pristine atmosphere of seclusion and that undeniable essence of an escape destination to somewhere faraway and exotic. That’s because Hilton Head Island is a charming, quaint community—an enchanted place to be in general.

So, incorporating all those magical Disney elements into the atmosphere here is most befitting, to say the least. Still, it is a little surprising that Disney, with its usual busy and boisterous persona, would present such a secretive getaway spot. But that’s the beauty of Hilton Head Island.

Disney's Hilton Head Island

Credit: Disney

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Disney’s Aulani

Disney destinations have long ranked high on the ultimate bucket list of vacation prospects. But so does that undeniable yearning to go to Hawai’i one day. So, when Disney decided to open a third beachside Resort on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

By staying at Aulani, A Disney Resort you get the best of a Hawaiian vacation coupled with Disney Magic. What could be better? Sure, there are no rides, but the Resort is in and of itself the ultimate attraction, with onsite pastimes, amenities, recreations, and wonderful enriching ways to fully take in the culture of Hawai’i on top of all that. Oh, and you may even find some of your favorite Disney Characters out and about enjoying the Hawaiian Island life as well!


Credit: Disney Vacation Club

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Adventures by Disney

The Walt Disney Company has certainly extended its magic globally in so many ways over the years. But the aforementioned growth of international Disney Parks and Resorts around the world along with the offerings by Disney Cruise Line only constitute a part of Disney’s drive for going broader beyond the borders. As of 2005, Adventures by Disney was born, providing serious travelers with new opportunities to journey both internationally and domestically all while guided by Disney Magic every step of the way.

When you book a destination through Adventures by Disney you know that you’re in safe hands. You’ll be under the guidance of the most trustworthy and committed leaders and you never have to worry about meals, lodging, and activities to plot out along the way. They take care of all the details. All you need to do is relax and take in the experience of a lifetime among so many unique options that are available to choose from.

Adventures By Disney

Credit: Disney Vacation Club

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There are so many magical ways to delight in Disney well beyond the Parks. There are also some awesome alternate options to consider during those times when you cannot get away for an extended trip. Perhaps taking in a Disney on Broadway show for a mini getaway is a viable option that would work for you and your family. Or maybe a Disney on Ice event is coming to a city near you. Then there’s always the ultimate Disney staycation you can opt for right at home, where you spend a well-deserved weekend cooking up some of your favorite Disney recipes and bingeing on all your favorite movies and shows via Disney+. Just remember, Disney Magic is never exclusively limited to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort solely. It’s all about magic your way, whichever way you so choose.

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