Tips for Planning Outfits to Wear at Walt Disney World

Every stage of planning a vacation in the Walt Disney World Resort is exciting. Planning when to visit, booking flights or organizing transport, making hotel reservations, buying your theme park tickets, securing Park reservations, and making advance dining reservations are all parts of the exciting process. Before you know it, your Disney vacation feels real, and you must consider packing.

Love it or hate it, the most effective packing for any vacation involves a little planning. But how do you plan your outfits for a Disney vacation? Here are our top tips to ensure that you don’t overpack.

Look at the Weather

For the most part, the weather in Walt Disney World is consistent. You can expect warm, or maybe hot, temperatures, with the evenings being a little cooler after the sun has set. There are occasional rain showers and thunderstorms that pass in a couple of hours, but overall, the weather is excellent.

Like any place, though, different times of the year can bring other conditions. This is especially true for winters in Orlando. As such, we recommend looking at a long weather forecast to help inform the outfits you plan to wear.


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Consider Your Plans

We like to plan outfits based on the Disney Park we are visiting, the Disney Resort hotel we are stopping by, or an advance dining reservation. Once you have finalized your plans for your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, plan your outfits based on where you will be each day. If you are dining in a full-service Disney restaurant during the evening, consider dressing up a little.

For days in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, animal-inspired outfits look good. Magical apparel is best for visiting Magic Kingdom Park, while Sorcerer Mickey, Toy Story (1995), or Star Wars may inspire your outfits for days in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Try Outfits Before Packing

It’s best to try outfits on before packing them so that you know you’ll feel comfortable in them. This can also help you identify items you can wear more than once, i.e., shorts, skirts, or leggings. It also allows you to pack things you will definitely wear when visiting the Disney Parks or Disney Springs.

If you plan on Disney bounding, then trying outfits before you leave for Walt Disney World will help you to perfect each outfit ahead of traveling.


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Make Notes

When you have decided on the outfits you plan on taking, make a note of each outfit and when you plan on wearing it. This helps you track what you will wear and when during your vacation. Making notes is especially helpful if you will be traveling between Disney Resort hotels and won’t necessarily unpack everything at once. You can quickly check your notes and locate the items you need daily. Making notes can also help you keep track of items you plan on wearing more than once.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your clothes in your luggage. Use a packing cube for each day of your vacation to keep all of the clothes you need for each day together. If you don’t have packing cubes, use Ziploc bags or something similar to store each outfit. Place underwear and socks into the bag, too, so you don’t have to look for them elsewhere in your luggage.

Take a Jacket

While Orlando is known for its warm weather, it’s always a good idea to pack a jacket when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. During the winter, a jacket that will help keep you warm is a good idea, as the temperatures can vary, especially during the early morning and late evening.

Throughout the year, it’s wise to pack a rain jacket as rain storms can suddenly appear. A coat you can easily pack into a backpack or bag is best. It may also come in handy if you want to ride Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park or Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom without getting wet!

Splash Mountain WDW

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Plan Accessories

Pandora, Alex & Ani bracelets, and Rebecca Hook jewelry pieces are popular accessories to pair with your outfits. You also can’t visit the Disney Parks without accessorizing with mouse ears, Loungefly backpacks, and other bags too. Planning your accessories will help to ensure that you don’t pack too many or ones you won’t wear. Decide on accessories when you are trying on your outfits, and make a note of when you intend to wear them.


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Comfortable Shoes

Every Disney Guest will cover plenty of miles when visiting Walt Disney World, so comfortable shoes are necessary. It’s sensible to take a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes to alternate between them. If you plan on visiting your Disney Resort hotel pool or a Disney water park, we recommend packing a pair of flip-flops, sandals, or crocs.


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Don’t Overpack

Taking time to plan the clothes, accessories, and shoes you will take on your Disney vacation will help you avoid overpacking. Most Disney Guests will buy at least one piece of merchandise, so you want to ensure that you have room for your purchases in your luggage. If traveling by plane, you also don’t want to risk paying for an overweight bag.


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Follow our tips, and we’re sure that your packing will be a pleasant experience without taking too many clothes and accessories. You may also find these tips helpful when planning Disneyland outfits too. Safe travels, and enjoy your Disney vacation!

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