Tips & Tricks for Taking a Teen to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a magical place for guests of all ages. It is not just for young kids, teens dream of going to Walt Disney World as well. Here are some tips if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World with teens.

10. Phones Charged 

Depending on how old they are when traveling to Walt Disney World your teens might want to go off and ride a few things on their own. If you do break up your group for a little while make sure that everyone (teens and parents) has a phone that is fully charged. That will help to keep communication open with the rest of your party. Walt Disney World is huge, and it is easy to get lost and lose the rest of your group. If you keep communication open with your teens there will be less stress on everyone.

9. Snacks

Teens eat a lot, and it is a very good idea to pack some extra snacks for them. Food can be a little pricey at Walt Disney World, so if you pack some granola bars or things along that line in their bags they can have a little bit of a pick me up in between meals without having to break the budget. Still plan for one iconic snack such as Dole Whip or a Mickey Pretzel each day. It’s also very important that they stay hydrated and drink lots of water, because it can be brutal under the Florida sun.

8. Character Cavalcades 

It’s not only young kids who look forward to seeing Mickey Mouse. Your teens may not want to admit it, but they want to see their favorite Disney characters as well. Although COVID-19 changed a lot of things, Walt Disney World found a way to allow you to see your favorite characters in a safe environment. Character Cavalcades go through all four parks at random times throughout the day. They run quite often, so you don’t have to worry about missing them. There are also popup character encounters, so you and your teens need to keep your eyes open for characters in random places.

7. Park Hopper 

When planning your Walt Disney World vacation one thing that you may want to consider adding is Park Hopper. It allows you to get more in each day. If you have a reservation for one of the four theme parks, after 2:00 PM you are able to Park Hop to a different park as long as it has not reached capacity. Teens get bored easily, and Park Hopper will allow them to change scenery and ride something new.

6. “Star Wars”

We know that not every teen is obsessed with “Star Wars”, but many are. They grew up on it! If you have “Star Wars” fans in your group they will absolutely go crazy over Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can take on the First Order on Rise of the Resistance or fly the Millennium Falcon on Smugglers Run. You and your teens can create your own lightsabers or build a droid. You can even try classic blue or green milk! The entire land is so immersed in the atmosphere that it is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.

5. Gift Shops 

You can’t go far without seeing a gift shop at Walt Disney World. Your teens will love to walk around and see all the different merchandise. Give each teen a Disney Gift Card and a budget so that they can choose their own souvenirs. Back home they will love to show off their souvenirs and to tell their friends about how incredible their Walt Disney World vacation was.

4. Thrill Rides 

If your teens are looking for an adrenaline rush then say no more. Although most of the rides at Walt Disney World are considered family rides there are still a few attractions that your adrenaline junkie will love. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith goes from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, while The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror drops 13 stories in a random ride sequence. Mission: SPACE takes you to Mars, it is definitely not a ride that everyone can handle. If you get motion sick you may want to wait for your party on earth. These are just a few of the rides that your thrill seeking teen will love.

3. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

If you have an extra day you may want to consider adding the water parks to your vacation. Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a melted ski resort. Legend says it was built during a freak snowstorm, but how can a ski resort be sustained in Florida? If they are brave enough you teens can go down Summit Plummet, which is a straight down water ride that goes 12 stories down. It is certainly not for everyone. One word of warning, make sure your bathing suit is tied extra tight.

2. Family Meals

While your teen may want to go and explore the park make sure that you have a dedicated time for family meals. There should be a time each day that the entire family can sit down together and just enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal. Walt Disney World has many different incredible dining options for every taste and dietary restriction. Make sure you book your dining reservations in advance. Spots will fill up quickly, and you don’t want to lose your opportunity at the place you’ve been craving.

1. PhotoPass and Memory Maker

You will want to remember your vacation for the rest of your life, so make sure that you take lots of photos. One thing that makes it simple is PhotoPass. There are PhotoPass photographers all over the parks who are ready to take your picture. It’s super easy too. They will scan your MagicBand and your photos will go straight to your My Disney Experience App. Purchase Memory Maker and all of your photos will be included for one price. PhotoPass and Memory Maker give you an easy and convenient way to have all your photos in one place.

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