Top 10 Favorite Cart Foods at Walt Disney World

10. Turkey legs

Turkey legs—one of those snacks that most Disney fans tend to have either a love or hate relationship with. Personally, I’m not a fan of actually eating them, but I think they’re a cool part of Disney history, and even though I don’t really care to eat them I don’t mind seeing them around. They might not be my thing, but I definitely agree that they are a classic Disney snack, and I can understand why so many others like them.


9. Popcorn

Popcorn might just be the most underrated snack in Walt Disney World. Years went by where I hardly ever, if at all, purchases popcorn from any of the carts in the parks. Of course, I’d walk by, smell the popcorn and be enticed to buy a snack, but for whatever reason I guess I would usually find something more interesting than popcorn. Even though it might be a standard theme park snack, the popcorn in Disney is quite delicious, and a great snack to grab and take on the go while you wander through the parks.

8. Soft serve ice cream

There are plenty of non-cart locations to get soft serve ice cream in the parks, perhaps the most notable being in Adventureland where you can get Dole Whips and Citrus Swirls, however some of my favorite soft serve actually comes from Animal Kingdom. Next time you’re walking through Asia stop at the brightly colored and elaborately decorated ice cream truck, and purchase what I would say is up there with the Dole Whip—chocolate or vanilla soft serve, served in a waffle cone!

7. Grilled cheese

One of the newest cart additions to Walt Disney World is in Epcot’s Future World just outside of Test Track, appropriately known as Taste Track. Taste Track serves up some spins on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, and can be a great alternative to a full counter service meal in Epcot.

6. Funnel cake

Funnel cake can be found at carts in each of the four theme parks—my personal favorite place to get it being the Oasis Canteen in Hollywood Studios. I’m not sure what makes this location the best, I think I just happen to be in the mood for funnel cake either before or after seeing Indiana Jones. Regardless, Disney has the best funnel cake, especially if you decide to go all out and top it with ice cream and strawberries, so be sure to check it out!

5. Cronut

Does the Refreshment Port count as a cart? While it might be more of a permanent stand, I think it’s worth bringing up on this list for one simple reason—the cronut. A few years ago, the cronut craze came and took foodies by storm, however the undisputed best cronut can be found at the Refreshment Port right next to Canada in Epcot’s World Showcase. The cronut is the answer to everyone who can’t decide between dessert and breakfast, and will therefore just have to settle for both at the same time, not that you’d be complaining!


4. Waffle fries

Waffle fries can be slightly hard to come by at Walt Disney World depending on when you’re visiting—the place to get waffle fries is Westward Ho refreshments, a cart located near Pecos Bills in Frontierland. I say they can be hard to come by because the cart is open seasonally, so unless you’re visiting on a more crowded day in the Magic Kingdom, you probably won’t have luck. However, if you do end up seeing his stand open, definitely make sure to stop there. They offer a couple of different kinds of waffle fries, my favorite being the BLT fries.

3. Churros

Another classic Disney snack is the churro, which is my go-to parade watching snack. Churros are delicious anytime of day, and they truly never get old. To satisfy an extra sweet tooth craving, be sure to get some chocolate sauce on the side.

2. Cream cheese pretzels

Cream cheese pretzels are the best of the pretzel variety if you ask me, and can only be found at a couple of carts and quick service locations at Walt Disney World. If you happen to spot them, give them a try. They’re the perfect middle ground between sweet and salty, and like popcorn, they’re a nice grab and go snack to have on hand while walking through the park.

1. Mickey bars

Mickey bars top the list for the best cart food at Walt Disney World. Nothing is more classic and delicious than enjoying a Mickey ice cream bar on a hot day in the theme parks. The chocolate shell adds just enough variety to the otherwise vanilla treat, and everyone knows that Mickey shaped food is the best food.

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