Top 5 Signs It Is Time To Take A Trip To Disney

Credit: Disney Tips

Many Disney lovers of all ages show tell-tale signs when they are in need of another Disney vacation. These signs can range in levels of severity for those affected, but are all likely to appear in some form or fashion. For some these symptoms begin on the Magical Express, for other it may take days, weeks, or months for the symptoms to appear and escalate.


Here are the top 5 behaviors to be on the lookout for:

5. You have the strong desire to watch Disney movies every day.

Disney movies give us a connection to the Disney magic and bond us with all of the (mostly) loveable characters. (I mean we all wanted to punch Hans for Anna, right? And then there’s Scar….) It’s no surprise that early signs of WDW withdrawals start in the form of re-watching the classics.

4. You find yourself humming or singing Disney songs randomly throughout your daily routine.

You know all the words, love the music and can’t help but incorporate it into your day. I am regularly guilty of humming “Heigh Ho” on the walk out to the car in the mornings and belting “Let it Go” alone in the car to get pumped up for the day. It’s a classic symptom, and likely also a result of all of the Disney movies that you have been watching.

3. You’re making frequent trips to your local Disney Store.

The Disney Store gives you a little taste of the magic of WDW, and may curb your cravings for a period of time. It starts with a little innocent visit with the kids while out and about, then the frequency picks up and then you find yourself making any excuse to go with or without the kids, then the cast members know you by name and you have the store schedule of events and hours memorized.

2. You start making meals and treats to replicate your favorites from Disney World.

You have the “Dole Whip” recipe memorized, and serve them on the regular. Waffles from your Mickey waffle maker have become a staple for breakfast, you put meat on skewers and serve your family as to feel like you are at Ohana and we wish you would have put the video on YouTube of you reenacting the Hoop De Doo Revue! You don’t know what they do to the chocolate in the Mickey Premium bar, but no matter what there is no ice cream bar that is quite as satisfying.


1. You stalk the Disney website and review dream vacations.

You know every package deal and promotion that is out there. You have priced that trip to the Grand Floridian or Animal Kingdom Savanna view countless times. You may have even gone so far as to plan what parks you would visit and what dining options you would select, and possibly what you would eat at the location (for those with a severe case of withdrawal). This is a major sign that it may be time to act.

We’ve all been there, facing the struggles of Disney withdrawals.

As you progress through the stages, just know that there are many others like you out there facing and coping with the addiction. By now you will likely be able to think of any excuse to justify a Disney vacation. (Your grandmother’s neighbor’s dog learned to sit, so “We’re Celebrating” buttons all around!) So, go ahead and book that next Disney vacation. Set the date, book those advance dining reservations and Fast Pass + times and, most importantly, ENJOY!

*WARNING: Relief is temporary and symptoms will likely return upon completion of Disney World vacation.

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