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Top Rides in Disney World For Thrill Seekers

When you think of Walt Disney World, you might think of little kid rides like a carousel. We are here to let you know that thrill seekers can have just as much fun visiting Walt Disney World. We have the top thrill rides in each of Disney’s four main theme parks. Take a ride with us, but hold on!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night with the moon shining bright over Frontierland in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Calif.
(Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

Magic Kingdom

Most people don’t think of Magic Kingdom as a place where you will find thrill rides, but this would be a wrong assumption. Magic Kingdom actually has a couple of great thrill ride attractions for those wanting a little more excitement in their day.

Space Mountain is the top thrill ride in Magic Kingdom. Located in Tomorrowland, this indoor coaster will take you on a ride through space like never before. Flying through space as shooting stars, satellites, and comets zoom past you in the dark is a thrill experience for sure. Be prepared if you choose to ride, as you get tossed around while you travel on this rocket.

Big Thunder Mountain is the next thrilling ride you will find in Magic Kingdom. Tucked over in Frontierland, this wildest ride in the wilderness will live up to that statement. This runaway train will take you through abandoned mine shafts and caverns as it drops and darts through the town of Tumbleweed. Less bumpy than Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain is advertised as a family coaster; however, some are intense with loud noises and dark areas.

Splash Mountain is another thrill attraction that you will find over in Frontierland. This water log ride is a unique experience that has become Guests’ favorite in the Magic Kingdom. The fun songs and characters help make it fun for little ones where the three little dips and one large five-story drop is perfect for those thrill seekers. Be prepared to get wet on this ride as well.
Looking ahead, Magic Kingdom will be adding another thrilling attraction when Tron opens, hopefully in 2022. We can’t wait to experience this coaster!


There are a few attractions in EPCOT that can help thrill seekers have a great time. The first ride is Test Track. Even though those that drive might not feel like this ride is thrilling, younger teens and preteens find the rush of this ride super exciting. After creating your car, you then bucket up and take a spin on the test track. See how your car does in different situations with a final test of a 65 mph rush outside.  

For an out of this world experience, try on Mission: Space, where you can blast off on a thrilling NASA-style mission to Mars. This simulation is as close to being an astronaut as many of us will ever get. This isn’t for the weak as you dodge meteorites and slingshot around the moon. Strap in for this space expedition.

Although it isn’t an intense thrill, we feel that Soarin Around the World is a thrilling experience. The thrill on this ride comes from the feeling of flying over different world icons. The beauty of these scenes is breathtaking. Even though you aren’t being launched, tossed, or thrown, we still find Soarin a great thrilling experience.

Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom, you can take on a yeti, dinosaurs, and banshee on different thrill rides. Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is one of the most thrilling coasters in Walt Disney World. After a steep ascent, you will race into darkness and without warning be sent backwards as you twist and turn through the dark mountain. This coaster has a little of everything, making it a top choice on the thrill factor.

Travel back in time on this thrilling ride that has you racing to rescue a dinosaur before a meteor strikes. Dinosaur straps you into a time rover vehicle before you set off on your thrilling adventure through the history and life-like dinosaurs. This ride has dark, hairpin turns as well as dinosaurs that seem to jump out at you. If you aren’t a jump scare thrill person, this ride is one to skip out on.

The final thrill ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Avatar Flight of Passage. You will climb atop a banshee as it takes through up and over Pandora’s beautiful landscape. Like Soarin’ in Epcot, this ride isn’t an overly intense thrill ride, but more of a breathtaking experience as you take in the aerial views of Pandora. Although there are a few intense moments, the overall feel is that of awe.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The top ride in Disney World right now is Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This ride takes Guests into the movie like never before. As you travel through the story, you are put into intense situations. From the interactions of the First Order to the race to safety and interaction with Kylo Ren there thre is so much to take in! We love this ride and find it super thrilling.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is another thrilling ride in Hollywood Studios. Board the service elevator and travel through the abandoned hotel. The hydrograms of the lost passengers can be intense enough for some, but the real thrill comes with the dropping and rising unexpectedly. If you aren’t a fan of drops, this is one you might want to sit out.  

Rock n’ Roller Coaster is another highly thrilling ride found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This ride is a launch coaster taking Guests quickly into three inversions and two rollover loops and on corkscrew- all in the dark. You can rock away with this coaster as each vehicle will blast different Aerosmith songs during the ride. Hang on tight, though, because this ride will be over before you know it.


We hope this list of thrilling attractions you can find throughout Walt Disney World will help you have a fantastic time on your next vacation. Be ready to race, soar, dip and glide through a variety of different experiences.

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