Two Year Old Boy Thought Encanto Character Was Him

This is one of those adorable stories you will want to read if you want an “aww moment” today.

Credit: Disney

Recently Disney’s newest animated film Encanto was released, and Disney fans love it. Many fans enjoy that it is on Disney+, and the positive response has been incredible.


One of those families that watched this new animated film was the Brand family. Kah Brand is the mother of an adorable two year old boy named Kenzo.


When Antonio Madrigal came up on the screen, Kah was so excited.


A quote from his mother to POPSUGAR was:  “He seemed to be in awe, just smiling and staring at the screen. Then he stood up and looked back at his dad and me, still smiling. For him, I truly believe that he thought he was seeing himself because of the resemblance between him and Antonio.”


She also shared: “As a mom, I’m always trying to capture ‘these’ moments. I was amazed at his reaction. It just truly made me smile and my heart happy. It was the impact of feeling seen. It is essential for Black children to feel seen and to be connected to positive and empowering images for their self-esteem.”

Credit: Disney

“But these characters weren’t around,” she said, referencing her own generation. “We didn’t have this growing up. What’s so special about Encanto was that it didn’t stop at just showing us brown characters. It showed the diversity in hair textures and skin tone. I’m so grateful for moments like this because I’m aware of its impact, especially for brown boys and girls. It brings joy to our family. There’s power in representation and magic in creativity. This generation and future generations will experience inclusivity because the film industry is moving in a direction that reflects the true diversity of our world.”


A huge thanks to Kah Brand for sharing this story and bringing a smile to our faces. This world could use more positivity right now, and this story is that.

Credit: Disney

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