Unwritten Rules To Follow At Disney World


Walt Disney World is a magical place where dreams come true, but there are some unwritten Disney rules you should consider to make sure you don’t ruin Disney trips for those around you. We know it takes a lot of money and planning to get to Disney World, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Take a moment to consider these unwritten rules to help you and everyone around you have a better Disney vacation.

Don’t Cut In Line

We get it- no one likes waiting in line during their Disney vacation; however, it is part of the process. With that in mind, it is not okay to cut in line. This means straight-up cutting in line, trying to jump over barriers, or having one person hold a spot for everyone else in line and then meet up later. These are all situations in the Disney Park that won’t make those other Guests around you happy and can get you into trouble with Cast Members. Pack your patience and be ready to wait in line. Make it fun by doing trivia or finding hidden Mickeys. Know ahead of time that waiting in line will be part of your Disney vacation, and be prepared, and prepare your kids for it.

No Flash Photography on Dark Rides

Nothing can ruin a Guest’s experience on a dark ride than others who use flash photography throughout the ride. Disney has signed up before these rides, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom, reminding Guests not to use flash. Make sure you know how to make sure your moment is off before getting on the ride. Flash not only distorts the experience of those around you, but it can also illuminate some behind the magic that Disney Imagineers never wanted Guests to see. Phones will often want to use the flash to help your picture be better; however, please consider those around you and don’t use it.

It is a Family Theme Park

Disney World is a family experience, so make sure you keep that in mind as you visit. Watch what you are saying because there are little ears around you. This means both in your language choice but also your discussion of the magic. Even though your kids might know how the magic comes to the Theme Park to Mickey Mouse other Disney characters, you don’t want to ruin that magic for other families. Keep in mind the kids around you when watching Cavalcades and fireworks as well. Offer for them to move in front of you so they can have great experiences as well. These are just small things we can all do to help keep magic alive.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is not a secret that Disney World gets busy, making it sometimes difficult to move around. Be aware of your surroundings as you move throughout the theme Park and make sure you keep in mind that distance many of us have come accustomed to and enjoy. If you have a stroller, make sure to give space so people can get around you and keep an area between you and others so you don’t bump other Guests’ ankles. As you walk through the theme Park, make sure you don’t stop suddenly in the middle of the path to have a family discussion. This can cause some major backups. Move over to the side to help keep the flow going. Most of us aren’t used to having backpacks on either, so be aware of your additional space. Make sure that you aren’t bumping others with your backpack as you move through queues or food areas. This is hard to do in crowded areas, but if we all try to give one another some space, it can help the magic.

Don’t Give Out Unwanted Advice

We all know that if you are reading this post, you are probably the Disney expert in the group. This is great, and every travel group needs one, but use your powers wisely. Just because you are educated in the best bathrooms and know how to navigate My Disney Experience with your eyes closed doesn’t mean you need to share all that magical knowledge with those around you. It might be hard not to jump into conversations you overhear on the bus or waiting in line, but restrain yourself. Not everyone will appreciate your help, so try not to jump in and offer it.

Credit: Disney

Give Up Those Seats

Another unwritten rule that we should all follow is giving up your seat on Disney transportation to those who might need it more than we do. This might be an older couple, or it might be an exhausted parent holding a sleeping kid. We are well aware that all of us are tired at the end of a Disney day, but consider, if you can, giving up your seat to someone that might need it more than you do at that moment.

These are just a few unwritten rules that can help you and other Guests at Disney World have magical experiences. They aren’t too difficult for all of us to follow, and by doing so, we can all have a truly great time and help those around us have a fantastic time in the theme Park as well.

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