Update on Hurricane Hilary’s Impact on Disneyland

Exterior of Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Disney

Hurricane Hilary is en route to California, and Disneyland is taking precautions. As we previously reported, Disneyland decided to close early, today August 20. In lue of the storm coming, Disney made the safe decision to protect their Cast Members and Guests from any harm the hurricane might bring to the theme Park. Although the Resort hotels continue to operate, they are open to accommodate the Guests visiting during the storm.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney

Disney Parks are unlikely to close down. We have seen over the years only a short list of times the Parks have closed. Most recently due to the covid-19 pandemic, but as Hurricane Hilary approaches, Disneyland made the swift choice to close down early. Now, Guests are posting their experiences during the storm and we’re following up on what’s to come.

Guests who decided to continue their trip to the “Most Magical Place On Earth” during the hurricane were met with rain and flooding in certain areas of the Park. A little after noon, photos showed the current climate at Disneyland.

Hurricane Hilary Hits Disneyland

Furthermore, Scott Gustin reported, “Earthquake and tropical storm? Yup. 5.0 (preliminary) magnitude earthquake 4 miles SE of Ojai, CA.” The weather reports are not to be taken lightly, as residents and Guests have been warned to monitor the hurricane and the rain coming with it. Additionally, NWS Tsunami Alerts posted, “Tsunami Info Stmt: M5.3 055mi NW Los Angeles, California 1441PDT Aug 20: Tsunami NOT expected,” as they continue to monitor and update.

Although the hurricane is very much real, crowds were expectedly low at Disneyland. CBS NEWS reported on the low wait times while some Guests still pushed through with rain gear and ponchos. “According to the Disneyland app, ride wait times are as low as five minutes,” CBS wrote.

disneyland in the rain

Credit: Orange County Register

Even with low wait times and empty Parks, only time will tell the damage that may be had on Disneyland. “Hurricane Hilary is the first tropical storm to hit California in over 80 years and is expected to bring 48 hours of heavy rainfall with it,” Inside the Magic detailed. The safety of Guests, Cast Members, and residents of California is the utmost priority.

As the hurricane continues to move, we will have to wait and see what comes from the storm. Disneyland continues to update the website to inform Guests visiting.
Have you ever experienced a Disney Park in bad weather?

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